Monday, 24 September 2012

Days after exam in KL.

Bonjour! Finally my very first sem of degree in UTAR has over!! Glad that we have 3 weeks sem break! Yay XD My final exam ended last Wednesday. And due to I bought my flight tickets too early cause it's cheaper to buy earlier, I need to stay in KL for 3 more days, that is until Sunday (yesterday) only can fly back to Penang.

Well, luckily I have friends who still staying until Sunday with me and few other friends stay in KL so they are able to hang out with me.

Wednesday after exam, mom came down to find me. But the main reason she came down is to do some job only. But since the office she's going is nearby my house area, she came to bring me out.

Ma belle mère! (Means 'my beautiful mother' in French) XD
Do we look alike?? x) I know you will say she's prettier... yup I admit. =|
It's been months never meet her and my family members already! Miss them much!!
*People homesick at the beginning of leaving home, but I homesick after leaving home for some time. LOL*

Thursday, hang out with Sai Yee, Sin Tung and Hui Sin. All of them stay either near KL or in KL so they are able to hang out with me. We went to Berjaya Timesquare and after that Sungai Wang. 

We keep on shop shop and shop non-stop and break a while for eat and then continue to shop again. And guess what, I bought 4 new clothes for myself! Isit too much?? But due to I don't have those kind of clothing so I wanna change abit of my style and also 对自己好一点 XD And also due to the clothes in Timesquare and Sungai Wang are freakin' cheap! They are like RM25 for 1 and RM40 for 2, and they also have whole shop RM10 this kind of promotion! So I bought total 4 clothes for RM95! 

Although people will say that the quality not good lah will spoil easily lah blah blah blah, but who cares?! It's cheap! And since I will only wear it for hang out, not often to wash it, so I think these clothes are more 'ngam' me this ain't rich but ain't that poor people. LOL

Seriously, I don't think I saw before any shops in Penang that is RM25 whole shop or RM10 whole shop sort of these kind of promotion. Don't say those pasar malam or pasar pagi one lah LOL. After I met these KL people last year only know that there's sucha cheap clothes in KL!! Therefore, I'm so gonna buy new year clothes in KL next time!! XD

Make up of the day. This is so-called long time never make up's make up! *Kinda 'Cacat'* XD

Steamboat at Uncle Duck @ Timesquare.

Fish meat! Yumm yummm~~

After shop, continue our high tea. I don't know what's the shop name but I just know Sai Yee said this is 千层蛋糕 (thousands layer cake). Strawberry taste. Not bad! 

Green tea flavour. Love it!! 

Chocolate mint. 

Enjoying life with cakes and coolblog's teas. 

Pororo!! ♥ 
*Don't ask me whose pororo is that* XD

With Sai Yee and Hui Sin and Pororo. 
*FYI, Sin Tung is still on her way from Genting to meet us. x)*

Little girl Sai Yee. Too long never see me, miss me too much! XD

It's Sin Tung's hand. LOL XD

Sai Yee's still the one who can't be normal. XD

After that, dinner at Sushi Zanmai.

My Salmon Terriyaki. 

Me and Sai Yee's. It seems a little only, it's because I put everything into 2 packs. XD

Friday, went out with Edwin since left both of us in the house. We went to Sunway Pyramid by Taxi, LRT, KTM then Taxi again. More than 20 bucks for only 1 way transport. e_e" And I guess it's also the day we spent the most! 
Went to T-bowl for lunch. I know Penang's Queensbay mall also have T-bowl restaurant but I always have no chance to go there to eat. So this time gonna enjoy the 'poos' inside with surrounded by toilet bowls. XD

Make up + Hair style of the day. Fish braid that I made myself! 
Another 'cacat' make up day. LOL

It ain't fake eye lashes. =X 
Just trying new make ups for myself x)

How to get rid of baby hairs???? =(

T-bowl in Sunway Pyramid.

Took this picture because of le cute cartoons! XD

Poos all over the restaurant. Haha.

Poos all over my head???!! D=

They are the real toilet bowls! You can actually poop into it =X

Edwin's set lunch's mushroom soup. Superb!!! 

*I'm starving now!* T.T

Super cute oreo ice blended! 
Aww I don't feel like drinking it.. But end up I did cause I can't stand the yumminess of the cream! XD

It means, don't get cold with this ice blended, and must finish it before you go!! XD

Little dog: *Staring at the yummy mushroom soup*
Big dog: "Whatcha lookinat?" XD

"Why so serious?" XD  [A scene in G-Dragon's Crayon MV]

*Okay I'm really starving right now*

My Cheese baked chicken rice with mushroom!!! 

Can you stand the yumminess? XD

Bye bye little doggie. :'(

Before we leave, thumbs up for the cute designs! XD

After lunch, SHOPPING again! LOL. We did bought stuffs. I actually saw a lot of nice stuffs in Asian Avenue!! That high heels... I want it so badly!! So cute but it's so expensive T.T but I did bought a small bag there. Satisfied! x)

Got some Baskin Robin while half way shopping! ♥ Nom nom nomm~ 
Long time never enjoy my life like this already! XD

Before we back, in le taxi.
Forgotten to take pictures of the pyramid and the huge lion before we leave due to it's too late already.

Saturday, went to Bukit Bintang. The main purpose is because of the newly opened H&M store in Lot 10. But we actually sat the wrong bus in the morning, so when we reached there, the queue is already long until...  I also don't know where is it, but I confirm that it's more than thousands of humans!

Slighter make up. 
New earings and dress that both are bought from Timesquare on Thursday.

Le Edwin and me. Thanks for accompany me for 3 days in KL! x)

That new bag that bought from Sunway Pyramid's Asian Avenue on Friday! 

Say hello to my new friend, Hello Kitty shades! 
It's bought from the same shop of the bag! It's 2 for RM18, means this only cost me RM9 ! XD

At le newly opened H&M. It's only 9:30am and the queue is already the whole street! *ORZ*

"People mountain people sea!"

I gave up on queue up!! A little regret cause those who line up after that just waited for half an hour, not as long as what I expected. =\ So we went for shopping in Pavilion. Nothing wa bought cause ya'know... Pavilion is for rich people to buy branded stuffs. *Sigh~*

Having Boost - Mango Magic. Not bad! 
And it's actually my first time to have it! *Don't laugh at me x(*

We actually head back to H&M for a few times cause I saw almost everyone in Pavilion is holding that LOT 10 H&M paper bags!!! But end up still didn't line up cause we think that there will be no more stock left for those nice clothes. 

After that, we walk to KLCC through Skybridge. It's way too expensive for us to back home from Pavilion so we decided to try on to walk on the Skybridge. It's also a crowd in KLCC, so we straightly went home after reach there as we have to prepare our things to go home the next day!

Taken by my phone's HDR effect.

Le me Lady-like style. 

Sunday. Finally, the day reached! I'm coming home! My flight at 1.35pm from LCCT to Penang International Airport! Can't wait to go home! XD

New friend is following me back home! x)

Breakfast in KL Sentral w/ Edwin. 

And that's the end of my days in KL after exam. 
I'm in Penang safely now. Gonna enjoy my sem break a big big one!! XD

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