Thursday, 30 August 2012

No money in the bank

Sorry for the late update after my previous post cause I said that I will update about the online shop at this post! You student's life.... T.T  [Click here for the previous post! =P]

And as my title mentioned, I need money so seriously now!!!!
My shopping mood on for so long and buy non-stop T.T
New bag because of promotion;
New slippers because I like it so much;
New hair treatment because of bad hair everyday;
New facial scrub because of the hazy weather and dust in KL;
New mask because of the same reason above...
And FOODS IN KL ARE EFF-ING EXPENSIVE! I miss granny food that is so much tastier and I don't need to spend more money on food everyday! T.T

Okay now. No one cares about that I have money or not because it's my own business.
But I hope people will care about their style and their fashions! :D
So now, I'm gonna say more about Chalotte Katy. XD

As I said in the previous post, I'm working with them now!
They are having promotion now on FREE POSTAGE until the 31th of August which is the National Day!
Sorry for too late to post about this because tomorrow is already the National Day. =X

The previous post said about the clothes, all are ready stocks! If you want them now, they are still available!
But for now the new stocks are almost all Pre-order stocks!

The current pre-order stocks are the Value Packs, which have different designs of Good Quality T-shirts! And all are free postage now!! (Pre-order due date til 5th of September 2012!)

Buy 1 piece for RM33 and 3 pieces for only RM60!
*Note that they are good qualities! =)*

The measurements. Take your ruler and measure it now! XD

Now, choose the style you like the most!!

Don't really like the Value Packs? Click here for other nice ready stocks!

Now, either Facebook PM me or Email me which one you would like to purchase from me!

Then, copy the details below (by clicking the Copy to Clipboard button) and send it to!

*Highlight the words above and press CTRL + C*

Post Method price:

After you have done sending the details, 
make your payment by banking in or transfering your money through e-banking to the account number below:

*Highlight the words above and press CTRL + C*

Tell me when you've done your payment too so that I can confirm with the owner! =D

Contact me by E-mail me or Facebook PM me for any other questions! =]

And don't forget, purchase more than RM200 to get a free ribbon pluggie!!!

I appreciate that if you purchase from me!
E-mail me anytime and I'll reply as soon as possible!

I'm not forcing anyone of you to buy it.
But if for the people who want to have good quality outfits but lazy to shop the branded shops like topshops forever 21 cotton on whatever shop which the price is almost the same as ChalotteKaty or even more expensive
I recommend this online shop because of the quality assurance!!

And I said that I purchased the Denim Love vest from them few weeks ago.
Love how they send it to me with a lovely sticker and string. 

Wore it with a singlet. I feel so rock'n roll! XD
*She got no money in the bank~!* LOL!
Spot my little elmo and stitch! XD

I can see that the quality is really not that bad! Washed it once before I wear it and it's still so nice! XD
So you can just buy 1 from me first if you really still don't believe in the quality!

That's all of I want to introduce! Waiting for your messages! ;P

Lastly, Happy Merdeka day to Malaysians!! Have fun with your public holiday! =)

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