Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Degree life.

Wow it's been 2 months I never update my blog! Where have my June and July gone??
And I saw that my followers are decreasing too! who cares? XD

Well, since I started my degree life, I've really no time for blogging. At the beginning was still quite free. That's why after that become busy cause last minute study for all the tests. Oops!

Seriously I feel that degree is tough. Not like some other better university that tough, but still tough. =.=
Perhaps I have to stop dreaming that everything will be as easy as secondary school standard so that I will be more hardworking. But me want go back foundation! Me want do foundation maths forever! XO

So what have I done since I started my degree life (after my previous post)?

#1. Met JJ and Ian!
I forgotten it's when but just remembered that JJ and Ian (the funniest's hosts) came to UTAR Setapak campus before! 
Why? Their mission is to clean our toilet! Of course not all. Pffft! XD
I heard people said that it's because our campus was voted has the dirtiest toilet among a few campuses! I'm so totally agree with that and that's why I don't use my campus' toilet unless it's an emergency. LOL.
But JJ and Ian actually went to the wrong campus before they come to UTAR. They went to TAR college, that is just beside UTAR. This freaks a lot of people in UTAR and they actually did a sorry song for us and they came here the next day!
And I thought that I won't meet them since they so 'dua pai', but I'm so lucky + they're so friendly until I can talk with them and take photo with them!

Jealous much? XD

#2. Min's birthday.
Seriously, it's my first time to attend her birthday since I started to like her 3 years ago.
I'm so happy that I can attend her birthday this year on the 23rd of June @ Lowyat Redbox!
Glad to met 2 ASQ idols in a day and listened their nice voice to sing!

And thanks for my good buddy who accompany to attend the event! :D

Group photo before end.

#3. Hair cut + hair dye.
Went to nearby Wangsa Maju on a Tuesday few weeks ago to find a saloon for hair cut with Edwin and CC.
There's more than 10 saloons in a small area in Wangsa Maju. OMG. So we keep on walk and see which saloon is better. End up we went to a saloon called Zing Hair Studio.
The hairdresser was nice and she can actually tell me my hair suits which kind of hairstyle.
Perhaps will be going there for my next hair cut next time. x)

Love the curl that she made for me! 

And one day, Sintung, CC and Huisin went to buy Liese cause they planned to try to dye their hair by their ownself. After they started to dye their hair, others also went to buy hair dye to dye hair, except me. But I actually used 1 of the left out colour to cye my hair end, and it become like this!

It looks nice under the sun only. Sigh XD

Whole house people dye hair. XD
And I still remember it's on the Saturday night, they dyed until late night. And I'm their hair dyer! XD
But I actually wish to have a dipdye or any bleach dye on my hair, but my hair is damn weak and I've no money to maintain my hair colour. Big sigh.

After my previous post about went back to Kampar for Akira's birthday, we went back again after a month due to UTAR had a marathon event in Kampar campus, that is UTAR RUN.
Of course, I'm not the one who likes to run or jog. I just follow them go back to find my old pals and see the beautiful environment's changes. :D

The night before UTAR RUN in Ochado with my gang! Meet the 4 shapos! XD

Kampar Utarian + Setapak Utarian, gathering @ Kampar's newly opened Ochado. :)

The next day, those who joined the competition went to campus at 6 in the morning. Damn early man~
And me, SaiYee and Jensen walked to campus to take pictures since Jensen get to borrow his brother's camera again. x)
Jia you jia you!!! XD

大手拉小手……no no is 小手拉大手!XD

Walking up the hill of UTAR. :)

Standing in the middle of the road like my mother's boss! XD

Met Kong zi and Einstein in Kampar UTAR, in front of the Heritage hall!!

Me: This one? Einstein: Hmm.....

Me: That one that one!!! Confirm win!!
孔子i: 您到底在帮着谁啊?? XDD

3 of us before leaving.

At the lake side. That building is not UTAR, it's a newly built International School.

#5. Hacked into Public bank. =X
Not really. XD
The real story is, I wanted to do about my ebanking thingy, but failed for so many times.
I walked from the bank to the atm machine and walked back to the bank with the customer's service Malay Aunty for more than 10 times in the hour due to a long story that I'm lazy to talk about it.
And at the end, finally success to register my ebanking, and the aunty ask me to use her computer to check isit that I can log in already. Feel so sorry for Cyrus and Edwin who waited me for so long, but end up they snap photos of me on what I did in Public bank since they've nothing to do. XD

Logging in, not hacking! XD

"I'm working at counter 15. Please come and find me." LOL

#6. Crazy online shopping -!
Was randomly surfing the web instead of study my programming last week, and found this extremely cheap online shop -!! 
Spotted a bag that I want long time ago, that is can be a sling bag and also can change into a 'carry-behind' bag. And the pattern was kinda nice.
I didn't think much and straightly purchase it because it cost only RM16.50!!
And another good thing is, people who stay in Setapak can have free of charge of the delivery fees! (that is people from other areas have to pay extra 6 bucks for the delivery fees, no matter is through cash on delivery or online banking!) The only condition is purchase RM18 and above from the shop!
And to get the free of charge for the deliver fees, I get myself another earings for myself, that only cost me 3 bucks!

After I made my first order, I told my housemates about the cheap online shop.
And end up, everyone bought more things than me, and total up nearly 100 bucks they bought! OMG.
But I actually bought a long sleeve shirts for myself too at the time when they purchasing their things. XD

And another good thing of this online shop is, for cash on delivery, they will try to deliver our things for us after the day we purchase our things! Damn fast right? Make appointment with them and you can get your things on the next day! And you can check your things before you leave, if there's anything wrong for your things, you can ask them to change for you! I'm so lovin' their services! Will often visit their webpage from now onwards! XD

Loving this bag so much! 

Recently crazily for online shopping! Except for buying things from nile, I actually bought a new case for my S3 from a Facebook page too!
And when I saw any online shops pages in Facebook with nice clothes or phone cases will go in look for things I like! But I still have to 'tahan' for not to buy things often! T.T
I wanna be rich~~ so badly!! Sighh~

Today was actually Jensen's birthday today.
Since he's in Kampar, so we Setapak Utarian and Kampar Utarian skype with each other last night.
It's fun that we can play with each other and talk nonsences to each other through skype.
And we actually bought him a present - Hello Kitty X-mini Speaker!!!!
Since he didn't have a speaker, so we decided to buy a speaker for him.
And since we're so many of us to share the present, I decided to buy him this Hello Kitty one!
Damn nice right??! I wish to have it since I saw it last time! 
But the price... I feel I don't need it anymore. XD
The sound system and bass was damn good! And when the bass was big, the whole speaker will move, like a dancing hello kitty! XD

Ok. I think I have nothing to say anymore. This post spent me the whole afternoon. This is why sometimes I'm really lazy to update my blog cause it can take me whole day to update only 1 post. And I don't get why some people can everyday update their blog and still can do a lot of things. My time is always shorter than people. T.T

Bye now! Gotta write the scripts for my French presentation now! XD

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