Monday, 4 June 2012

Travel: Universal Studio, Singapore

Finally. Went to Universal Studio on the 15th of May while I'm in Singapore. The place that I wanted to go the most in Singapore! Luckily I have camera with me to take all of the nice stuffs inside!
And thanks to Edwin's godma again for the free ticket!! And until now I still don't know the exact ticket price for an adult. XD
This is going to be another post that have thousands of pictures in it. XD

 Bright sun + water vapour = hot temperature. ==


Back side of the traffic light.

What is this cartoon's name again?? BTW that lady very cute and friendly! Her acting while I walk through her was like...more than a close friend! XD

I don't know what character is this too. And I still remembered that I'd a little convo with her:
Me: (After finish taking picture together) "Thank you! You're so beautiful~ =] "
Her: "Aww thank you, but at the end of the day after I take off my make up and you'll know I'm not ;)"
Haha so cute! XD

We're at the City of Los Angeles!!! Dream come true?? XD

The place that we can get our photos that are taken by the workers. ;)

We randomly went to a show that we don't know what's going to show inside.
And after that we only know that they are showing us that how Universal directors film all the natural disaster in what kind of way. Damn nice. Water splashed to the first row audience. XD

Transformers the Ride. This is awesome!!! 
But we actually ride it before we went back cause we didn't know that it's a 4D ride while pass by here at first. XD

This sign is so cute and I'd captured it. ;)

In Accelerator. It's like the Tea-cup spinning in Genting. But it's faster and better! XD

We ride on the red one (Human) that's not that scary than the blue one (Cylon). But it's already scarier that any fun fair in M'sia!! XD

Heading to Egypt now!!

Le 2 tall muscular man! XD

(This is even taller XD)
It's another ride. Damn 'chikek'... until I actually closed my eyes for the whole journey. XD

Let's go to treasure hunt!! XD

The Lost world.

On the 'flying dinosaurs'. It's like the flying elephant in Genting, but also faster and better!! XD

Playing with le Stitch Paw while waiting to ride on the Canopy Flyer

Imagine there's a person who standing in front of you with a stitch paw on his hand... XD

Let's go to Far far away castle!!

Y they NO let us visit the castle inside??? ==

Lunch before continue having fun.

Playing with the paw again! XD tsk tsk tsk childish Edwin xD

Trying to use his paw to touch his S2! XD

My turn to try it. Looks so cute XDD

Okay. That camera always don't capture nice picture in a dark condition.
Going in to the castle to watch Shrek 4D show. :D

Love this damn much. XD

It's shrek's home!

Knock knock! Anyone in there?? x)

Cute speaker that always play cute songs. XD
And here we are. Madagascar! 

Going for a ride in Madagascar!

That coconut is cute. XD

I love this Merry-go-round! I feel like riding every thing on it!! XD

Spot the grandma. XD

Damn cute lah this Alex!! XD

Landed. XD

The so-called "Zebra crossing road" (斑马线) xD
BTW this is only the true one! Why I don't see the real 斑马线 outside??! XD

And we're back to Hollywood! ;)

And now, window shopping time! XD

Feel like try every colour but it's too colouring until I don't feel like eating it! XD

Kid's dreamland. LOL

We're so funny that we afraid that the workers inside will not allow us to take pictures inside, so we take it from outside. XD

Walking into the small street that we haven't enter.

I wish I was really there... in New York...

Far far away~

Saw this again. Edwin's afraid of it cause he went to watch the ride through YouTube and it's really scary! XD

360 degree spin. I dare you to go and take a ride!! XD

Stardot ice-cream. Damn cute and quite nice. :D

Walk back to Far far away.
And heard some cute songs out from the speaker... 

And I started to crazy. XD

And lucky us we met Shrek that just came out from the castle! 
Picture time YAY! But that time my camera already out of battery. x(

'Cacat' =.=

And we met Betty Boop before we going out! Another lucky moment XD And she's so freakin cute!! 

Took another shoot with that earth thing before we leave. :)

Candy trees outside the Universal Studio.

Le candy shop!!

I'm the black M&M! XD

Mommy, can I get one, pleeeeease? XD

Crazy jelly beans!!! O.O

After that, went to Vivo City again through the monorail in Sentosa.
Went to have dinner at Fig & Olive. A new try in Singapore. :)

Finally I get to eat Western Food in Singapore after few days eating non-western food with Granny and Aunty! x.x

This guys is so... childish!! XD

Taken by a friendly waiter in there. 
I still remember that I used their electricity to charge my camera, and at the end before we leave, that worker ask me to pay for the electricity. But he was just kiding! Cute waiter! xD

After dinner, went back by LRT. And we leave Singapore after the day here. 
Still miss Singapore so much!! I wanna go there to study but it's too pressure at there. =\
Will go to USS with my family again when I'd started to earn money!! XD

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