Sunday, 3 June 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3

Welcome myself to Android world! XD

Yes. I'd bought myself a new smartphone!
No more iPhone, but say hello to my new Samsung Galaxy SIII!!

Alright. People will thought that I'm insane. Got iPhone don't want to use lah... iPhone is better lah whatever but I'm now already decided very clearly. I want an android phone more than an iPhone!

*P/S, before I start to compare them, I wanna mention that actually my 3Gs was just a gift from my aunt from Singapore. (I'm not rich!!!) Before I get my iPhone onto hand, I don't even know a shit about what smartphone or noobphone is. And people that time said that iPhone damn 'geng' la what la envy me lah whatever lah so I started to use it like a boss...until the day I decided to change to Android.

Why Samsung/Android? 

#1. It's friendly. Yes. I'm saying that iPhone is unfriendly. iPhone can't Bluetooth with other smartphone (even iPhone to iPhone also cannot ==). But maybe there's some apps that can help out (for iPhone to iPhone only) such as Bump. But it's slow. == 
Android phones are like normal smartphones that can Bluetooth anything with other phone with Bluetooth easily.

#2. iPhone must use iTunes to synchronize songs and photos. This thing pissed me off for like 892769 times since I started to use iPhone. iTunes was actually kinda lag for a normal PC (means not a Mac or Macbook), and sometimes it made my songs gone weird. And if we want to make our own ringtones, we have to go on some steps in iTunes only can get our own favourite ringtone that cut by ourself. Damn complicated. iPhone users know it. 
But for Android phones, as normal, just plug in, copy and paste those photos or songs that you want into the folder, and we're done. :)

#3. Why so many apps in iPhone also need money harrr? Android users get to enjoy games or apps with full version without paying any money, whereas iPhone, everything is money money money $$$. Money face Steve Jobs =X
There's also a lot of apps that only iPhone have it. I don't know why, but I believe that if that company wants to earn more money, they surely will promote to Android after a moment, just like Instagram. XD

#4. iPhone is more expensive whereas Samsung is cheaper. That's seriously another reason for a person who doesn't want to show off that they are rich cause they have iPhone blah blah blah...macam yes =.= iPhone can be so trend in worldwide is because of the huge market of Apple brand, and their iPod is really good. Not because of its processor nor its function. They lose at there, if compare to SII or SIII. x)

#5. Please don't say ALL Samsung's phone is lag. You tell me iPhone not lag??? Then I'm sure you're just a 2 week iPhone user. (OK I'm just a 2 days Samsung user...=.=...But I'll make sure it won't lag!!). My 3Gs now was like...worst than a Nokia phone =.=. Every phone's lagness is depends on the user. Both phones surely will lag in someway. If you customize or downloaded too many themes or apps or whatever rubbish into ur Samsung, not lag only weird =.=. Maybe people will say iPhone not lag is because iPhone don't get to customize their own theme (no need to say jailbreak lah =.=). But according to the RAM, the latest iPhone (4S) only have 512MB of RAM, but SII and SIII or even HTC one X already have 1GB of RAM, which can run more apps at the same time.
By the way, you actually can don't need to worry that SIII will lag because it's now using a 1.4Ghz quad-core processor, that means, when you load a thing, it has 4 'computers' to help you run that thing. It's fast! Double the better than SII which only have 1.2Ghz dual-core processor!

#6. Do you know that actually iPhone's processor was actually made by Samsung?? Now you know, the 'geng-ness' of Samsung. XD

Okay. I don't really mean to criticize iPhone or iPhone users or even Steve Jobs until so bad. Yes I did criticized a lot actually, but please forgive me cause I really want to share about my feeling about iPhone after I used until 'pekchek' throughout these 2 years. XD 
iPhone actually have their good side. Their graphic wins. That's why their camera or video can be so clear and so nice. And why some Art academic school have Mac Lab? Because they wanted to use their graphic.

Things that I said above, such as can't Bluetooth or synchronize those thingy are just those things that me no likey. But if you're a iPhone user and you're used to it or you like it and disagree what I said, just ignore them. :)

Now here's the table that I got it from Facebook about the top few smartphone that currently used by people.

So, can see that SIII's everything are better than others. Of course it has its weakness too, just people won't go and find it out until that weakness has shown out.
But, I don't get why people don't like SIII's shape. Not nice meh? How for you only count as nice? A flower shape? Or a triangle shape? hahaha XD JustKiddin'!! Maybe people don't like its circular corner. But me likey! XD 
And maybe people are annoyed by the so-called "Designed for humans" quote of SIII. You don't say??! And Y U NO design for my hamster??? XD

People surely will say me "Haiyo, bought S3 surely is say S3 best lah!". Who doesn't?! Impossible a Samsung producer say iPhone is better right??! But seriously, I think all of the smartphones were awesome! People who produce this kind of stuffs for humans are genius. And they make our life goes on easier. Please be thankful! :)

Okay. Lastly, iPhone users, please don't come and scold me. I know some lifeless people will started to argue with me about these things. But seriously I just want to say what I feel. No offence. :\
But if you really 'beh tahan' me want to scold me, comment box are open for you down there. I don't mind to learn new things from comment-ers. :P

I'll update something more in here when I remembered things that I missed to say in here, cause currently was in a tiring condition after the events for this weekend. Good night! XD offers cheap Samsung phone cases for various models.


  1. My phone lose yours sikit sikit, but processor win sikit sikit LOL

    1. Your phone's front camera lose sikit sikit le, my phone most geng le! Never lag :X

    2. haha fish urs what phone?? XD

    3. haha HTC one x isit? not bad not bad x)

    4. Fish's phone limited edition dy.. XD yea mine one one x

  2. Replies
    1. No leh haha I promise myself to use it until I graduate, cannot change so fast XD