Friday, 1 June 2012

Travel: Singapore - Marina Bay Sands; Sg Flyer; Bugis.

I'm back to blog about mah trip in Singapore.
After the day to Sentosa, it's mother's day!
Went to Bugis for some shopping with aunty and Granny.

Lunch at here - 过桥面线!
It's came from China. Nowonder my granny wants to try this cause she saw this kind of noodles in TV show before and it looks delicious! XD

So huge. I can't finish it.. again. XD

I don't know what's wrong with my iPhone that day... it took blur pictures.

With granny and aunty.

Random stuff in Bugis.

Aunty went in to take pictures with that sign. Local Species! XD

After shopping, went back home for a rest for a while then dinner at Tampines mall for a small celebration of Mother's day with granny. :)


Happy grandmother's day, granny! XD

Can't get to celebrate with my mom this year. And got news from twitter that my sister and brother went for 'ho liao' with my mom that day!!! Jealous! x(

After dinner, went to watch Avengers with aunt and granny. 
It's my second time to watch that! But it's still so nice :D

The next day, went to Marina Bay Sands with them.
And it's lucky that my aunt is the supervisor of the security of MBS!
So I get to visit the top view and the top swimming pool without paying anything!

On the way. Singapore Flyer!!

That's the Marina Bay Sands hotel! It looks special.

From the bottom view

We're at the top of it!!

Damn huge road in Singapore!!

Nice and huge wind up there~~ :D

Messy hair after all. XD

Next, we're going to the swimming pool!!
Actually visitors can't get to go in there, except for the hotel guest.
For the top view, visitors have to pay 20 Singapore Dolar to go in. :)

I can't believe I'm here!!
People might see this place before in Facebook. It's another dream place for people~

Don't jump down please! XD

Sexy rich people here. :o

(Don't ask me whether I went for swimming at there or not. I didn't cause I'm not a hotel guest.)

The lift that actually can bring us from the bottom to the top (57th floor) within 30 seconds. :o

People can actually don't be afraid of falling down from the corner cause they won't! XD

Back to the bottom, Lobby. :)

Granny always don't look at the camera =="

Look at the pattern on top...

Damn nice toilet. Almost everywhere's toilet have auto-sensors in Singapore. :o

Le Casino. But I'm still underage. XD

Let's shopping! X)

Lunch time! x)


After that, granny and aunty went back for rest, and me meet up with Edwin again cause we wanted to go for the Singapore Flyer!! 

A living Teddy bear??! But that's cute!! XD

This cute thing spoke different languages to people!!! It's cute!!!
I still remember how it says "Selamat Datang" with a cute sound! XD

And it's running on the wheel... for the spinning of the flyer?? XD

Changing colour of the lights. It's actually a long way to go in to the flyer =.=

It's all about round.

It's the cute thing again!!! Can't stand it's cuteness!! XD

Hello!! XD

Finally we reached there.

Up up, here we go!! XD

We're at the top of the world! XD

It's MBS!!

Bright sun :o

This is not acting cool. x)

It took us half an hour for the whole journey. Good experience we have there! :D

After that, I decided to buy a new sport shoes. We went to Orchard road by Taxi, but end up we wasted the taxi money. We should go back to Vivo city to buy that NEO Adidas shoes that I spotted on Saturday.
And yes, end up I bought that. x)

After that, I went back to Bugis to meet up Zhumao, a meetoto old friend who is currently studying in Singapore.

The night fountain in Bugis. Damn nice!

It changes colours too!

My dinner - Subway.
It's actually my first time to try Subway at there. :o

We chatted quite a lot of things. I thought that it will be awkward, but we still can talk. XD
After dinner, she brought me to the bugis street. And have some shopping in the Bugis Junction too.

At LRT Station before going back. Non-stop taking pictures while waiting for the train. XD

She's so cute!! XD

Thanks Zhumao for bring me to have a walk in the Bugis street that I didn't go before.
And also some advise on go to Universal Studio on the next day. Haha x)

Random cute stuff that I saw in Singapore's Tampines Mall.

These thing attracted me to go in. XD

Bababa babanana XD

Minion freaker!!!!! Regret that I didn't try to get one back!!!!

The pink one is the same one as the one that my aunt gave me. And look at the big bird... I mean the big bird look at you! XD

Let's laugh like elmo!!! XD

The one that looking at my camera looks bald!!! XD

Aunty spotted a cute bear she likes and she started to play that machine!!

Opps! Fail! DX

This is cute!!!! Pika pika XD


For hello kitty freaker... not me!! XD


  1. you really have a good time with your granny and auntie! the noodles look good but big portion for me too.

    1. Yes it is super big and I couldnt finish! XD