Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Akira's 9teen

Last Sunday was our gang's most leng zaii person Akira's birthday. =X
He's still studying in Kampar so we decided to go back to Kampar to visit others on Saturday and give him a surprise on the next day in Ipoh.
We didn't let him know we're going back to help him celebrate his birthday. No one dare to post anything about Kampar or about the celebration on Facebook. XD
We went back to Kampar by Bus in the afternoon due to I have to attend my first Saturday Foreign Language class in the morning. DX
And we reached there about 5pm.
Me, Sin Tung and Gan Gan went to the Garden in Westlake for a walk cause we miss there too much already!! Damn miss the nice environment there!

On the street in Westlake Homes, Kampar.

Spot the building there. It's an International School that's in the process of building. :D

Gan Gan and me ;D

Just finished took picture with Gan Gan and was snapped by Sin Tung in front. :o 
*I feel like I'm holding a GameBoy or what in my hand from this view. Big Phone doesn't suits me? =\*
Camera chain. I'm suppose to take picture of Gan but I took both. XD

Had fun with both of them there! XD

Too many people there cause it's a happy Saturday so we can't get to sit on the swings.

Love the tracks. :)

After that, 5 girls and 1 guy went for dinner together in Kampar.
WTF we miss the prices here too!! KL's food prices are sucking my blood! :'(
And after dinner, went to McDonald, Maha Maju mamak and Lok Lok Stall that we used to go always when we're still in Kampar.

Chilling together. ;)

Le 5 pretty girls. :D

Saw these 2 kittens that are left out by people at the roadside while we're on the way back home, and they're shouting for help. Luckily we heard that. And we actually saw a new bottle of milk beside them. Which moron thought that baby kitten know how to open the bottle itself =.=".. And Sai Yee helped them to pour out the milk, but they don't drink, keep on 'meow-ing' non-stop. Poor kittens! D: It's their fate to be left out by people, or maybe their mom... and it's impossible to ask us to bring them back to feed bah?? Our condo doesn't allow pets to enter. Sad-case. :(

Well, after that, I went back to my ex-house to find my ex-toiletmate - Wen Qi! XD
Luckily her room have space for me to sleep with her.
Actually Gan Gan them have spaces for me too, but I wanted to meet my high school friends include Xiao Hui and gossip together that night since the next day whole day has gave to my gang. XD
But the bad things is, that night has huge wind and almost rain, Xiao Hui can't come to find us. Left me and Wen Qi 2 person talk secrets together and do mask together too!! LOL XD

Lying on WenQi's bed. XD

Non-stop Selca-ing. ;P

Too many! XD 

Before mask. And get ready to see our faces with MASK! XD

Thanks to Wen Qi for sharing her new mask with me! XD

After mask. Selca again. XD

It's 3 in the morning. Good night! XD

The next day. Early morning walk to bus stand, as always in Kampar.

Met a cat that keep on follow Chong Chiat all the way. XD

Love Kampar's sunshine and morning wind! 

In McDonald's squeaky clean toilet. Before going to Ipoh by Perak Transit. :D

Finally we reached Ipoh Parade. Preparing cakes and candles in Starbucks.

Tiramisu Cheese cake. ;D

Sai Yee and Gan Gan brought Akira to Marrybrown for breakfast, and also let him sit facing inside so that he can't see. XD *Thanks for the 2 good planner XD*


Looks at his reaction! He jumped up actually! XD

2 gifts from all of us - a new bag and a new specs! :)

Posing with his new present - Take #1

Posing with his new present - Take #2

Posing with his new present - Take #3 *Le future model XD*

Le me with birthday boy ;D

Bring the girls out!! XD

*Behind the scene XD*

*OMG prince charming~~ XD*

The guys. 3P! And 1 has been left out. *Forever alone* XD
They have plenty of pictures to show but I'm lazy to show out all.. you know their epicness... XD

Jensen's actually acting that he's holding my phone to capture the picture... but the truth is...
I'm the one holding it. And he's acting on holding my camera failed!! XD EPIC him LOL!

We're in different colours! And we're matching our colours to the things behind. xD

After that, went to GSC to watch Madagascar 3! 

OMG it's really damn nice! Especially those puppies in the circus!!
And that part that martin sang the circus song!


A strongly recommended movie! MUST WATCH! XD

And after movie, went to 100 Yen opposite Ipoh Parade to buy some stuffs, and have some snacks there.

Huge sausages. Only 3 bucks ;)

Group photo - Take #1.
Everyone's so happy that Jensen's face was blocked by his hand. XD

Group photo - Take #2. ;)

Lastly, going to take some pictures of people who's not moving to KL for their degree but stay in Kampar.

Our cute cute geh Miss Gan Gan!

Our 'dai gah jeh' Sai Yee jeh! XD 

Jensen the photobomb. LOL!

Again. With birthday boy that's not going to see him for 1 semester.

Jensen. The 'hiao' one. xD

Again! His eyes are too big and I want him to make his eyes smaller so that my eyes can looks bigger. XD

After that, went to bus station and heading back to KL. Had lotsa fun with them in Ipoh!
Might going back again to support others for UTAR run in Kampar... if my time suitable on that time! ;)

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