Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Akira's 9teen

June 12, 2012 0
Last Sunday was our gang's most leng zaii person Akira's birthday. =X
He's still studying in Kampar so we decided to go back to Kampar to visit others on Saturday and give him a surprise on the next day in Ipoh.
We didn't let him know we're going back to help him celebrate his birthday. No one dare to post anything about Kampar or about the celebration on Facebook. XD
We went back to Kampar by Bus in the afternoon due to I have to attend my first Saturday Foreign Language class in the morning. DX
And we reached there about 5pm.
Me, Sin Tung and Gan Gan went to the Garden in Westlake for a walk cause we miss there too much already!! Damn miss the nice environment there!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Travel: Universal Studio, Singapore

June 04, 2012 0

Finally. Went to Universal Studio on the 15th of May while I'm in Singapore. The place that I wanted to go the most in Singapore! Luckily I have camera with me to take all of the nice stuffs inside!
And thanks to Edwin's godma again for the free ticket!! And until now I still don't know the exact ticket price for an adult. XD
This is going to be another post that have thousands of pictures in it. XD

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3

June 03, 2012 7

Welcome myself to Android world! XD

Yes. I'd bought myself a new smartphone!
No more iPhone, but say hello to my new Samsung Galaxy SIII!!

Alright. People will thought that I'm insane. Got iPhone don't want to use lah... iPhone is better lah whatever but I'm now already decided very clearly. I want an android phone more than an iPhone!

*P/S, before I start to compare them, I wanna mention that actually my 3Gs was just a gift from my aunt from Singapore. (I'm not rich!!!) Before I get my iPhone onto hand, I don't even know a shit about what smartphone or noobphone is. And people that time said that iPhone damn 'geng' la what la envy me lah whatever lah so I started to use it like a boss...until the day I decided to change to Android.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Travel: Singapore - Marina Bay Sands; Sg Flyer; Bugis.

June 01, 2012 2
I'm back to blog about mah trip in Singapore.
After the day to Sentosa, it's mother's day!
Went to Bugis for some shopping with aunty and Granny.

Lunch at here - 过桥面线!
It's came from China. Nowonder my granny wants to try this cause she saw this kind of noodles in TV show before and it looks delicious! XD