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Travel: Sentosa Singapore

Sorry about the late update about my Singapore trip after the Day 1 in Singapore cause I used almost whole day to hang out at there everyday and it's freaking tiring after reached home so I don't have the time to update about it straight away.
And yet, I'm so stupid, I didn't try to restart my freaking noob iPhone to connect wifi out there(I mean in singapore). I didn't know that restart my phone can get to reconnect anything including wifi, and hence, can't use my iPhone online and update my twitter and foursquare and instagram. =.=
And after went back from Singapore, was busying about moving into KL, until now finally my things are done.  Wardrobe  Desk  Mattress  Papers  Pens  Files and so on... And I'm going to start my degree life in few more days! Wish me luck! :)

Well, now Imma gonna update about my day 3 in Singapore, that's traveling to Sentosa!
Just to mention that, the pictures are so freakin' a lot. Enjoy it by the way! XD

By the way before we went there, Edwin's godma brought us to a famous prawn mee shop for breakfast, it's around the East Coast area. It's nice, really! Cause I actually don't know how to taste foods which is really nice or not, as long as it has taste and I'm okay with that. XD 
*no photos about the prawn mee cause I'm too shy to take it in front of his godma and godpa. x)*

The entrance. 
There's actually the big sign of the word SENTOSA on the hill that is much more beautiful but I'm too slow to get my camera out so I missed that! x(

Le map that brought us to everywhere in Sentosa. :)

First destination : Sky tower.
We get to view about the places around first on top of the spinning tower before we start our journey!
But forget to take picture of le sky tower. =.= 
Le cable car. Didn't get to sit that .:(

Universal Studio that is beside the Sentosa and we went there before the day we go back!

The roller coaster in Universal Studio!!

The huge Merlion.

Le me sweating with messy hair in le Sky Tower. x)
Seriously the weather is fweakin' hot that day.

Second destination: 4Ds!!
It means, the show is 3D, but there's 1 more D which has movements and waters and brings a lot of real feeling in the show!

Hi Edwin. XD
Btw not forget to mention that, we went there without paying any price or fees on any shows or any games cause his Godma is a Singapore Tour Guide and she has the 'paper' (idk what it called) for us to enter some shows and games! Thanks to her godma a lot! x)

Pirates in 4D, Extreme log ride, and Desperado in 3D (NEW) 

In Desperado! Kinda fun cause we got the mission to kill those bad guys, and the horses that we sat on it can move!! XD

While waiting for Log Ride. 
It's my third time to experience it and I'm still not boring with it! XD

Third destination: Underwater world.
It's actually out of our plan but we sat wrong bus and drop at wrong place so we just take a walk outside.
Huge turtles in outside the Underwater world!! 

Random shot on the cute shampoo bottle on top of the Taxi! XD

Forth Destination: The Merlion.

This face terrified me while we passing the road on the way to the Merlion. XD

Can you see meeeeeee??? XD

The cute one! XD

The token to get a lucky draw inside!

Under the UV light before entering the short film about Singapore Merlion.
White things are glowing! And check out my IC!
Things that only can be seen under UV light. x)

Le me glowing. XD

After the short film. Enter the token into it's mouth and I get a small card so that I can redeem my gift at the gift shop. :)

At the mouth of the Merlion! Don't bite us please XD

Another high view of Singapore. ;)

I'm so short! x(

On top of le merlion! The sun is too bright!

Shades on! XD

B) hehehe XD

My aunt said that I'm beautiful when I wear specs. But when no wear specs... ==

Okay. This is the gift that we get from the gift shop. XD


Using the effect of my camera... I mean my sis's camera. x)

"I'm so tired~~~" XD

"Yo wassup?" X)

Model - Edwin's Samsung Galaxy S2.
Photographer - Nicole da' Yie with her camera effects! xD

Another effect. #foreveralone ? XD

Now I only know I have big teeth!! :o

Searching for directions and destinations in front of Coffee Bean... with that bitter face. XD

Attractions Map.

This is the form that allow us to enter those places FOC!! XD
What a big paper it is. x)

Sleepy face...

And I fell asleep with the good environment. XD

Loving the colour~

What's inside the Secret Entrance??

It's the Port of Lost Wonder. Too bad I didn't brought extra shirts to go and play! XD

What's the next destination again?? Hmmm I'm always the one who decide. =_=

So it's finally the time we hungry. Went to Vivo City by the monorail inside for lunch!

This camera doesn't work well in dark condition. This is the best picture I took among nearly 10 pictures about it. =\

That's my lunch - Dry fish ball noodles. 
The amount of noodles is huge, and the fish balls are huge too!
And I don't know whether is it my appetite problem or Singaporean can eat so much, I can't finish it again. ==

See the huge size of the fish balls~ It's nice! :D

Le Edwin's Korean lunch.

After lunch, went to have some walk at Vivo City first since we don't have any other place to go in Sentosa already. But will be going back at around 6 for the Luge and the show Songs of the Sea. :)

Oh I super love this shop! The colours and cute stuffs~ 
Spot the pink area~ That's gonna be my third home if I'm a Singaporean! XD
And I actually bought it's pink bottle from this shop, but I bought it in Bugis'! x)

This is after Luge. It came down from high and now everyone's going up by this! x)

Le Luge car. Too rush and can't get to take pictures, but it's fweakin' fun!!

Black and white! I love my hand in here XD

Up up here we go!!!

I'm actually afraid of high... a little. XD

Le me non-stop clicking my camera. Almost low batt. XD

Green green trees. Go green!! x)

Oh finally there's a picture of the sky tower!! XD

It's nearly sunset! :D

 Bye bye here! Going to the show now! XD

But the thing that freak us out is tickets are sold out!!! DX

The hell........ Alright then we went back to Vivo City to continue our shopping!! XD

Damn 'deep' swimming pool. LOL!!

The nokia robot. See that what it's made from??

It's people's old nokia phone!! Awesome~ XD

Okay that's my forth home if I'm a Singaporean. XD

Seriously I think that Singapore's boutiques have so many nice shirts that Penang and even KL doesn't have that makes my hand 'gatai'!!
But luckily I still can tahan if not I'm so gonna broke now. =_=

Had a late dinner with Edwin's Godma and Godpa at there. And I can't finish those foods again... ==

On the way back home. It's the Singapore Flyer that I'm going there the 2nd next day!!!

Okay will continue my update soon when I'm free! ;)

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