Monday, 28 May 2012

The last teen year's birthday. ♥

Happy nineteen birthday to myself! 
Bought a new headphone from Lowyat Plaza yesterday for myself as a gift to start my new journey in my degree life in Setapak, that is start from today! :D
Eff-ing loving the base and sound!!! And it's a good brand - audio-technica!!
And the best thing is it has white colour with PINK on it!!! XD

About my 19th birthday, my foundation gang had actually celebrated for me last Wednesday cause some of them that are staying in Kampar came down to visit us on that day!
It's a big surprise for me cause I really didn't expect that they will celebrate for me so early!

I'm actually playing 'chor dai dee' with some of them, and I remembered that time I'm going to lose! XD
And suddenly, everyone sang Happy birthday song so loudly and I was like "huh?!" for 2 seconds. XD
Look at my expression! With that aunty clip on my head cause it's so hot!! XD
That's Edwin who brought the cake out for me! XD

Okay. Needa take photo so my aunty clip have to go back home first. XD

And with mah messy hair cause I don't have the time to tidy it first cause the candles are melting!!

#makeawish :)

Those chocolate pieces were kinda 'jor deng' XD

Damn that forget to take pictures with everyone of them that day!!!!! ARGH~~~ T.T
But until last night, those few peepo at Kampar skyped with me, and sang birthday song again! So touching~ XD
But my so called 'act-cute' face was unpredictably captured by them =_=
But they used that to edit me pictures with them!!! 

But others so cute lah them~~~ ♥♥♥ Love you guys so much!!!!! ♥♥♥

It's 12am 28/5/2012 already!
Started to receive wishes from Facebook, from mom and from my beloved sister!!
Skyped with her after she back from her performance outside~
And she told me that she have secret to tell me... that is a birthday song that played with her guitar!!!
Awww so nice and so touching!!! =') Love her so much!!
And some epic screenshots of her!! Bahahahaha =P

Best picture of all which already got nearly hundred of likes in Facebook!! :o

And before I sleep, received another surprises from those peepo in the same house!!
They appeared on my mattress at the time when I'm enjoying mah new headphone! XD

Memorable cards from Sai Yee, Lushing, Sin Tung, Edwin, Chong Chiat, Akira, DK and Cyrus!
This is to let me remember them always! They scared my worst memory really will forget them XDD

A cute stitch from Edwin!! So cute!!!!!
Oh and he gave ma another hamtaro japanese ball thing that I forget to take picture of it! XD

And these from Sai Yee! 
This is what I currently needed cause I actually planned to put a lot of encouraging words for myself on my desk! XD 
Thanks Sai Yee you gifted me the right thing!! XD

Okay now. Let's read those cards that gifted from them! =)

This is from Cyrus. What a good drawing!!! And with names beside there, with everyone's current profile picture poses!!! So cute!! XD
After I received this, I actually saw a lot of people posted pictures like this on Facebook!
I mean like.. now everyone is drawing their own facebook profile and posted it onto Facebook! XD

LOL Y U NO draw "Nicole Yie liked this"??? XD
And btw I'm childish meh?? Got meh got meh??? XD

This is from DK a.k.a Endao!!! And that's me and Sai Yee on the same plaits!! XD

As usual, wrote so much meaningful thingy~
But I appreciate it much! Will try to follow what you wrote lah, endao! XD

Those pictures are really memorable~~ 

Thank you endao de Endao!!!! :'D

Sai Yee's!!! 

谢谢你!!!And also your presents!!! Love you always~ 

Edwin a.k.a edwinbaboonananoobienoobiepigupiguchuah's! XD
Hey why you called urself in this card?! I thought it's for me?? D':
LOL jk lah! XD thankiewnana!!! Wish you have a good degree life too!!!
And stop chubit me lah u noob!!! And I told my mom ady don't worry!! xP
Your hamtaro draw until not bad lah~ 

Already expected, Chong chiat's one wont be writing any long post like others. XD
But was surprised that at least he drew that cacat muscular man beside there! Practiced from Draw Something one right??? XD
And also good that he didn't write a "财源滚滚来" for me. LOL!!!
Thanks lah and same to u ah cc, 成绩爱情美女三丰收!!XD

Akira's. Eff-ing love that Minion!!!!!!! Is it really drawn by you???? XD
Ya our foundation life really fly like a rocket!!! Speed of light!!! XDD
Our friendship will never ever end! And I will learn to not thinking of negative stuffs already!! x)
And wow, I love those Happy birthday in different languages that were surrounded!!! 
Once again, thanks for everything and wish you all the best too!! :'D 

嗯~~ 〉18岁的事啊~例如???XD
哈哈又一个叫我找男朋友…怕我真的会变像SaiYee酱做lou gu po meh XD jkjk~~
谢谢你!!Love you always!!! 

This 'bababa babanana' 竟然去google translate来写华语字给我!!
PS: Jensen if you saw this, I recommend u don't go translate again, ask anyone who know how to read to read for u better lah, cause it'll be freakin epic if you translate it!! XD

Miss Gan Gan!! 
Hahaha I love that T-ARA and ROLY POLY words on top!!
And also our gang members names beside there!!
And also your cute picture in the middle!! XDD

Okok我有空就会回去找你们!然后一起Pillow Talk & 跳T-ara的舞!!XD
真的很怀念那几次一起去的Event~~ 还有烟花!!!:'D
谢谢你!!Love you always!!! 

Thanks for this small card too, Ah Gan!!! Will think of you whenever I saw this on my desk! 

Done reading! Having fun with my stitch just now!!! XD


Don't you think it's so eff-ing cute???! XD

Ir's biting Edwin's SII with my picture on it!! So nice XD

Stitch with le stitch paw hand glove!!!! LOL looks weird but cute!! XD

And also thanks for Ah Lai and Edward's american breakfast this morning before I go for my first day of degree class! It's nice! :D

Birthday dinner at nearby. Not a really nice spaghetti. ;(

That's all for my birthday. I think I didn't missed anything right?
Cause I replied everyone's message until very late last night and I'm still very sleepy and blur right now,
no more enerygy, but I still wanted to update my blog in time!! XD
So maybe will missed something or wrote something wrongly or whatever lah XD
Thanks for 400++ wishes from Facebook, some from Twitter, some through SMS, some through Line or Cubie, and also some from Instagram!!!
I appreciate everything very much!! :'D

Because of you guys, my foundation life in UTAR was so bright;
Because of you guys, I everyday laughed more than the time before I enter UTAR;
Because of you guys, I learned a lot of things from you guys that I can't learn from others and that teach me to grow up into a person who has become more mature that last time...
Because of you guys! My birthday on the last year of teen was super duper awesome!!! I love you guys!!
♥ Yu Lau ♥Lushing Gan ♥ Lee Sin Tung ♥ Edwin Chuah ♥ Akira Ng YiQin ♥Wong Chong Chiat ♥ Cyrus Yaw ♥ Dk Tan ♥ Jensen Lee ♥ Justin Lai ♥ Hui Sin ♥ Edward ♥
*Copied from my Facebook post*

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