Wednesday, 9 May 2012

KL-Genting Trip.

*My very last picture I took with my bed before check out from my room in Kampar. D;*

It's another KL trip with mah uni gang this sem break cause most of us are moving into Setapak, KL to continue study on our degree course, so we straightly move into our new house on the 30th of April.
Early morning wake up to tidy and check everything in my room and went to the office to check out my room.
The so damn lucky thing is I'm not the first to give the key to them but I'm the first one to get back my deposit and done everything! =D
*BTW, it's gonna be a very long post with goddamn many photos! XD*

On the way leaving Kampar to KayElle! x)

Damn love this! Acting cool with our shades. B)

Acting cool again. This time is with our cap on! xD

Luckily the journey is just 2 hours++ cause it's from Kampar to KL, not from Penang. If not I'm so gonna bored die! XD
But we still need to sit LRT from Pudu to Wangsa Maju. Damn 'ma huan' with my so many luggages! x(

Well our new house is in a condominium name Platimun Victory Condominium 13.
Luckily our house is new! But we have to clean it ourself and the furniture need to buy it ourself. ;(
I live with another 2 friend that is Sin Tung and Hui Sin in the master room that has our own toilet inside cause we're ladies~ x)

My things at my corner. It looks quite few only but I've the most thing among everyone of'em. ==" And have to thanks to them who help me to move so many boxes to my room!! :D
I love that corner cause I love wind and nice views! Luckily 2 of them don't want to sit near the window and I don't know why and nobody grab that place with me. =P
But goddammit why is there a construction opposite??!! We have to breath in so much dust for everyday especially me. T.T
Not a nice view. And it's gonna be so damn noisy. :(

Le corridor. ;)

After cleaning and while waiting for our chatime.

And we went for a walk around the condo. They have swimming pool, gym, playgrounds and so on!
Good that finally I got the chance to go to swimming already!! XD

From the bottom while walking to the swimming pool side.

Some random shots cause I love the environment! B)

Yay I'm in a video!...? XD

Le swimming pool! So special :D

Swimming pool, Gym and Playground!! :D


We still can see the KLCC!

Le me and Sintung watching the sunset romantically~ xD

I love that bouncing thing!! XD

Oh maths! XD

After finish walking around went for dinner at nearby - William's corner restaurant. :)

You can just laugh at the upside down Mcdonald sign. XD

Mee goreng.

Naan Cheese. Damn nice! But damn full XD

Roti Cheese. Also nice and also damn full! XD

Look at the cheesy cheeeeeeeese~ Are you hungry now?? XD

The next day morning. Woke up early to prepare to go to Genting! :D
So damn excited but kinda tired cause can't sleep well in le new room without a bed! =\
And was actually went Genting for quite few times already since last year, but think that perhaps gonna be different feeling and different mood with different people. ;)

Le sunrise in front of our corridor. Nice but so hot! :o

That's Hui Sin beside me. :)
And I don't even know what am I looking at and don't even know I got captured =.=

Yay departing in le bus. x)

While lining up to ride on the skyway to the top of Genting! 
Can see so people mountain people sea due to it's labour day!

I love that smile. Just wish that I can smile like that everyday. =]

I don't know what was that 2 clown standing there for but just random get some shot with them. They're so cute. XD

Waited damn long actually. But with them, the time gone short. XD

Up up, here we go!! xD

Looking down.

I look so fair in here! =P

When you look down... :o

Entering the mist! So exciting XD

Le 'Aunty Tan' in da house! Thanks for helping me to carry my heavy luggage! XD

While waiting for the room. XD Poor Ryan~ haha

After enter our room, get a lil rest and....
Self-shooting time! But all using SinTung's HTC's front camera. XD

Got my hair tied up cause we're going out for theme park!!! XD

Marry-go-round and round and round! XD

Superstar????? No way XD

This one only call superstars! =X LOL!

Damn 'ngam' colour! All almost become me already - Pink pink pink!! XD

In Ferris wheel w/ shapos!!  XD

Le view from the wheel. Space shots! Good luck peepo XD

Wheeeeeeeee~! XD

And after a while, raining heavily in a sudden! But actually before we go in it's also raining already but luckily it stops for a while. XD
So we went for Archery! My first time experience on that thing! :o

Call me Nicole the archer! XD jk =P

Le actor and actresses~ Damn love!!! XD

From the back view. But still so 'yao yeng~' XD

Pics of these are taken by SaiYee's phone with the app #camera360 so it became smaller in size.

After that, the rain stops for a while again.
Some of us then went to the flying coaster part cause they're free on that day instead of paying 10 bucks!! :o
But the rain came even bigger after they lined up for sucha long queue. =\

So emo with the raining day. =(
Taken by Gan Gan. x)

And finally we decided to go in first cause the rain can't stop!
And everyone went to have a walk indoor while me went back to take a bath first cause my shoes and socks are all wet and it's so disgusted!
And after that meet them up for dinner, and continue the outdoor theme park at night! XD
It's lucky that they have fireworks event that night cause it's labour day!

Still a little rainy day.

Went for the most fun childhood ride - Flying elephant! XD

Le me w/ Edwin's cap cause my jacket don't have le hoody! xD

While waiting for another ride of the airplane. They not allow us to had the ride at the time when they put on the fireworks. So we stood there to watch it.
Isn't it looks like the Disney castle with fireworks??? XD
Glad that I can took such a nice firework view that time!
And another thing is, both the sem break trip with them also get to watch fireworks!!! :'D

After that we continue on having fun in Tea-Cup spinning, Flying chair, and went back to the flying coaster!
And guess what?! Few of us actually ride on the flying coaster for 6 times!!!!
It's fun!!! And I feel like going back to ride again now!!! XD
While waiting for the first ride. x)

And finally people want to back to bath already. But then after that went out for supper at Marrybrown cause it's the cheapest food store in Genting.
And after that we girls went to the guys bigger room to... poker! XD

And the next day, woke up quite early also - 9.30am! Cause checking out at 12pm. D:

Another self-shooting moment before we leave. =P
Guys: "Girls...." XD

The cake shop downstairs the First World Hotel.
OMG look so pretty and tasty!!!! Craving for it now!! Regret that not buying 1 to have a try! DX

So cute!! I want to play!! XD

After having breakfast together, checked out!
And we leave our luggages at the place that... don't know what it call =.= since everyone's buses are at around 2.
And then some of them went for the 4D thingy, some went to shopping,
and me, Edwin and Ah Lai went for Bowling!! Another first time experience! XD

Suppose that we wanted to come here at night cause it'll be very nice in here as the walls will be glowing in the dark!! But too bad it's too late last night.

Rainbow colour!!

The lightest ball among them - 6kg! But still heavy for me XD

I'm just a beginner!! X(

Look at the results... I FAILED!! XD So bad and cham until the tourist next to us came into me to teach me how to bowl. They're so pro!! And I'm so fail~ But who cares! It's just my first time~ It sure will be better next time!!! XD

Mah 'sad' face for don't know how to bowl. XD

Then we went for a shop after 1 game cause got discount in many shops!!
But still didn't get anything back.
Group photo before leave. Take #1.

Take #2. :)

Take #3! Peace~~ ^^Y

And actually others went back by Skyway and bus back to Pudu, except me.
My mom want me to buy bus ticket that back from Genting straightly back to Penang. =(
So sit in the bus alone for nearly 6 hours!! Actually can be less than 5 hours but the driver stopped for many times and it took almost 1 hour ++. =_=

Tiring face in the bus while going back.

While heading back to Penang, the rainbow sky!! Damn nice!! Luckily that time I'm already awake! :D

Too bad I have no DSLR. D:

And reached Penang safely at around 8pm. Tiring but happy trip with them! :)
And also tiring after updating this post. So fed-up with the picture uploader =_=

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