Monday, 7 May 2012

BFF Girls outing. ♥

It's sem break peepo! 

Came back to Penang have fun after my foundation life semester 3 and also a trip with my uni gang to KayElle and Genting!
I actually wanted to update about that first but since the stupid blogger pictures uploader gone crazy. =\
All the pictures uploaded from my computer were cracked! Like this:
See the images gone cracked?? I reupload but still the samething happened!!
URGH HOW TO SOLVE IT??!  I don't think is my line problem. =\
It wasted me whole afternoon and I'm so pissed off right now!!!!! =.=
And this post has lesser picture to upload so just gonna update about yesterday first. :)

So, back to topic. Yesterday went out with my 4 BFF in Penang!!
Finally 5 of us can meet up together instead of missing 1 or 2 of'em. :)
Had a really damn funny and crazy and happy day with them hanging around many places, eating many desserts and taking goddamn many photos!

First destination is a brand new shop in Time Square - Sweet 16.
It's me and Weline's suggestion to go there for lunch first cause both of us are pink lovers! XD
As I know this shop is one of a pretty model aka a famous blogger's restaurant. x)

Le small small menu. So cute with those cute ribbons!!

Grape Flavour Yogurt w/ Pearls, Longan and Q Jelly toppings. 
It's nice! *Ignore the blue thing XD*

Le me playing with Bailey's DSLR. =P

Lemon Chicken Rice.

I don't it's name but I know it's a fish rice. x)

Le me non stop clicking le button. XD

5 of us. :)

Le Pink Lovers. Me and Weline. 

That hello kitty is huger than me, I guess? Haha. 
And guess who's helping me to take this picture. ;)

After sweet 16, from Times Square, to 1st avenue! Blackball here we come~ XD
Cause we planned to have a lot of desserts in different famous desserts store. Gonna sweet die that day!
Blackball combo w/ Pearls (again), taro balls, vanilla ice-cream and red beans! 
No wonder it's so famous now cause it's really nice! 
But I guess is for people who love sweet taste like me! ;P

5 share 1 cause we still going to other place for other desserts! XD

All 'tam jiak' faces! ;P

After 1st avenue for blackball, head to Straits Quay for Chatime! OMG so insane XD

At Straits Quay's Chatime Galleria. 
It's a miracle that I didn't drink Chatime that time cause I was kinda full that time plus I wanna save money plus I actually ate pearls for 3 days in a row already plus my intestine was actually stuck by the pearls already on that day! XD

Some EPIC snapshots by TKF while she's waiting for her drink. XD

烤茶 奶茶 玄茶 绿茶 红茶 都是茶 XD

Self-shoting time. All using iPhone's front camera. XD

Was actually taking of the nice background words but since she's sitting there so... kelefeh? XD

日出茶太. :)

Polaroid time! Oh I'm so in love with that thing but why the cost of the film so expensive?? :'(

The first time to use it to help them take photo!! 
So afraid that will take wrongly and the expensive film will be wasted D;
But luckily I didn't! Wish to have my own Pink Hello Kitty Polaroid too x)

w/ Sibak Weline. But she's not so sibak already now. XD 

w/ pretty Fok. 

w/ 'leng zai' photographer of the day TKF! 
(Pee/asS: She's a girl. :o)

w/ nearly 10 years bestie Bailey a.k.a Boon! 

*Can actually see that my lousy iPhone 3Gs' camera gone weak and lousy already. =\*

Finally 5 of us can take pictures together! 

And guess what!? I'm leading everyone to do Mister Potato!!! XD
But I have the longest hair so I can do it faster and use it more! =P

So insane but we are so cute!! XD

Le hairless girl need to borrow hair from people to do mister potato with us! XD

In front of Straits Quay main door ;)

This picture was a little like "Lovey dovey dovey oh oh oh oh..." XD I mean my hand style~ LOL!

Walking to the seaside part of Straits Quay. 

Le outfit of the day. 
The top (sexy singlet + outer one) is from my mom that she don't want already.
And I feel it's damn suit to my style that day with the plaits band on my head! x)
And the bottom, damn love that pants that I always wear it to hang out with buddies. 
If not mistaken, I bought it from Singapore. Loving that fury fury white part so much. x)

Look up and look hight. Move up and move high. ;)

Thanks wind for the effect. XD

Supernatural~ xD

I didn't know that my hair can be that silky. :o

Another natural pose. Love this! 

Again. Hello miss potatoes. 

Me: I'm feeling sexy and free? XD

Act cool, pretty, pretty, cute. Decending order XD

Weline you're so cute!! XD

And everyone was actually acting Weline, but a lil...... fail? XD

See! My hair is long enough to do so XD

诗歌朗诵-ing~ So insane~~ XD

Another natural pic of me and fok XD Bailey so damn cute hahaha!

This is so yeng!! Although I feel that got a little 杀气 XD

The last picture before we leave. :)

Had a really damn fun day with them, seriously!
I'll miss that moment when we talk funny things, play funny things and do funny things together!!!

Love you guys! 

And really thanks to our photographer of the day - TKF!
Left side is year 2009 and left side is 2012! She's the one always get bully by us! XD

♥ ♥ ♥ 

Credits to Bailey's DSLR. ;) 


  1. HAHAHAAH! nice post! and interesting... the bailey one need to use crop..xD

    1. bailey one? which one? haha thanks anyway! XD