Thursday, 10 May 2012


Wassup?! ;)

Currently so bored.
Spent my time to play with my lappie's webcam.
I actually dislike my Toshiba's webcam cause it doesn't take nice pictures, like this

Just too bored and too vain. ;P

It's so blur. Just like my current blog banner on top. The pictures of me are taken by this webcam.
Not really nice, I mean the colour and pixels. So it's not suitable to take pictures. But I'll still use it when I'm bored. =P
The bad of my Toshiba compare to other's is the webcam and the speaker.
People always said that Toshiba is the best brand among other laptops, and I heard my friend's older type of Toshiba's speaker was damn loud and nice!
But when I first got my Toshiba, I was disappointed on the speaker and webcam. :(
But it's okay for me that I'm now already used to it. At least I have my own laptop. :)

Currently addicted to this song:

With Ur Love by Cher Lloyd.
She's so damn pretty in this MV!! XD

Oh well, I'm actually going to Singapore later, w/ my granny.
Hope that there's place for me to online cause my aunt didn't have wifi in her house! X(
And my iPhone will be so dead cause I don't dare to turn my airplane mode off cause I'll receive so damn a lot of messages from Singapore's carriers and my money will be eaten by them!

And another thing is, my results will be release tomorrow!!
Should I view it tomorrow??! I'm afraid that it'll ruin my vacation mood cause I don't think it's good. =(
But my heart so itchy that I actually want to know it right now!!
And but if I don't view it tomorrow, I have to wait for 1 more week to view it in Penang cause I'll be staying in Singapore for a week!
Damn. Perhaps will view it tomorrow! Wish me luck peepo! T.T

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