Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pray hard!! :'(

I'm so worry about my family members in Penang right now!! 
Especially my mom who came to Kampar with my brother today and we had a lot of fun together!
But now I have to worry that she'll be fine when she pass by Penang bridge later!!
I actually don't want them to go back at this time,
but my mom surely will refuse it cause she have to go back to work tomorrow and my brother still have school tomorrow!
Now I really feel like wanna bring all my family members come to Kampar to stay with me and get away from the island which is unstable and dangerous now!
But I can do nothing right now, so I just can pray pray pray and pray for them!!
I still want to see my cute grandma and cousins and my uncle and aunty before I leave Kampar!!
So please pray hard for them and also everyone in Penang, and also Indonesians!! :'(

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