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Outing with mah girls 31-3-2012. ♥

Wassup people! Long time no see! XD
It's been a month that I left out mah bloggie.
Now I'm coming back to update about mah outing last week in Penang with mah 2 girlfriends! ;D

Went Gurney Paragon and Gurney Plaza with Jing Yan and Shi Min.
It's been months that we never meet up after our last outing in January.
About 12 something, Shi Min, the beginner driver drove her new car Suzuki Alto to fetch me and Jing Yan to Gurney. Your driving damn gerli lah Shi Min =.=
She as our 'tourist guide' to bring us to go to eat 'ho liao' since me and Jing Yan long time didn't get to enjoy our time in Penang with those newly opened food shops.

Our first destination - Meet fresh! It's quite famous now and heard of many good comments on it!

I actually forgotten all of their names but all also nice! 
Gonna try other taste next time when I go back to Penang!

Picture time! 
We said before we're gonna take a lot a lot and a lot of pictures that day because it's gonna be very long time to meet up again after I move in to KayElle. X(

In Paragon's toilet. We actually used to take pictures in toilets together whenever we went to malls. XD

Me with Yan. 

Love this pic much! 

Gurney Paragon was actually an International school name Uplands before it was reconstruct into this Paragon mall. And there's the stories of the school on the wall of the building. But I didn't take the all of the stories' pictures up cause it's too many of it. XD

Get some of the nice view of Penang before I leave here. 

Yan you're still so damn skinny lah weyy!! xD

The Gurney drive. Luckily that time still not very jam. XD

Mah new FB cover! XD

There's no sea water. So disappointed that time. DX

The 2 buildings above the Paragon Mall. And the sky is going to rain soon. (And it do rain after that. xD)

The easter bunny G in front of G-Hotel! Whenever any festival come it will change costumes. CUTE!!


After some photo shootings outside, went back to Gurney Plaza to find something to eat.
And half way meet this cute thing,
The Gintell promoting doll! So cute XD And so pity that guy inside too. It's hot right? But thanks for taking photo with me yah! x)

And our 'tourist guide' Shi Min brought us to eat at Sushi Tei.
Saw some of my ex-workmates in there! They actually ran away from Kirishima to here?! =o
But who cares? None of my business. I'm no longer their worker anymore. XD
At first we saw the shop doesn't have any customers from the outside view, but after we enter inside, it's actually almost full of people! Can see it's really nice! :D

Jing Yan and Shi Min's Ramen. 

And I just ordered these 2 kinds of sushi cause I'm still very full to eat other dishes cause it's gonna be even more full if I eat others. Must must must try other dishes next time since I heard people said it's nice!!

(Pee/asS: All of the foods that we ate that day I forgotten to remember their names due to 3 of us have too much things to chat! x))

After finished their late lunch and my high tea, went for another dessert shop - Gelatomio! OMG we ate so much desserts that day! XD

Green tea + Blueberry = Love!! 

Look so delicious!! Should try this too! Aiks! XD

Mine and hers. x) I look so tired =.=

And while chatting half way, met our high schoolmate a.k.a our ex-class monitor Xin Ying!!
It's been a long time didn't meet her already! :D

And it's actually the earth hour day! Did you turn off your lights? :)

After that went for photo shootings again! XD
And I realized that we actually took pictures at the same place before 3 years ago!! (2009 x'mas eve)
Let's compare how much we've changed~~ XD

[Left - 2009; Right - 2012]
OMG same position and the same toilet! XD much changes?? Shi Min changed the most XD

[Left - 2009; Right - 2012]
[2009] Le me having braces that time! XD
We're in the same location -Parkson's female fitting room! And realized I actually changed my outfit? XD


My face look so imba in this hairstyle. What hairstyle should I change next time? =\

This is Shi min. When she's a TB at that time, she love to pose 'yeng yeng' pose sitting on the floor...
And now when she change into a normal girl, she love to pose sexy pose... still sitting on the floor!! XD
See!! XDDD



Like this pic much! xD

[2009] I'm so thin that time!!!

[2011] Last year XD

[2012] I'd gone fat so obviously! x(

[Left - 2009; Right - 2012]
She likes to act so much! But her face is still the same! XD

[2009] Le sequence! x)

[2012] Back to Le sequence! XD

This place is gonna be our main location for us to take pictures together! XD
Perhaps everytime will go and get a nice shirt and change and photo shoots! XD
Loving the mirror and the design inside~ X)

I hope we still get to hang out together next month before I move in to KayElle!
Will miss you guys very much after next month for sure!!! x(
Keep in touch, girls! Love you guys! :) ♥♥♥

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