Sunday, 29 April 2012

Le 2 days after the final exam

Sup peepo.
Oh well. The previous 2 days I really enjoy my life so much!
And I spent more than 50 bucks in 2 days!! And it's all on unhealthy stuffs!! T_T

Hmm... talk about mah exam week first.
Whole week actually not very suffer from the exams cause I'm not hardworking at all in this week. XD
Perhaps is because of the incident at the beginning of this semester...
I got shingles and went to on drip in the hospital for 4 days.
Doctor's reason is I'm too stress on my previous semester's final examination.
Well maybe I don't feel stress anymore cause I don't want to on drip in the hospital anymore!!
It's so scary that the pain can't even stop although I didn't move my head at all.
And after recover, my neck and head feel damn itchy and it took me 1 semester to stop the itchiness! DX
Okay back to topic. So I actually didn't do very well in my exams too.
Hopefully I still can pass all. Hopefully... I trust in my luck, and lucks from my family and friends. :)
*But if I failed it means I need to have stresses only can pass my exams =0=" hmm good excuse XD*

Cam-whore while revising Maths on the 2nd night. 
Most of the people take pictures of them while studying are with specs on them. 
I have specs on me while studying too!! LOL XD 

My drinks of the week - Brand's 鸡精! x)
Thanks for mom for buying me this so that I can be more concentrate on my papers! :)

Friday night, after ended out final examination, went to THS steamboat (碳吓先) for dinner.

They actually used the old style of cooking. Not bad. XD

Fried egg! Cooked by Jensen
First time try it by putting a lot of butters on the plate and pour out the eggs on it!
Damn oily but taste not bad. Just only the black black thing on the plate makes the egg turns black too. LOL

Le egg's final outcome. XD

And another table 'kiasu', and do the same things but added different kind of meats!
The taste also not bad actually. XD 
Glad that we have good chefs here so that next sem in KL got people will cook for us to eat. XD

Le egg+meat final outcome. XD

We spent for like 3 hours to eat this dinner.
Since it charged us about 20 bucks per person so we can eat as many as we want.
And some of them ate so much but still can't full. I don't get why.
So they keep on take non-stop although already eat ice-creams but still can go to take more food to cook and eat. Damn pro. O.O

After streamboat, me, Sai Yee, Edwin and Akira went to the next door's The Voice Karaoke to sing K!!
We've been waiting for this day for so long!!!
Since I have a lot of vouchers that I got it from event in the campus so we have 10% discount for that night.
They gave us from 10pm to 2am!
At first we thought that we can sing until very long but Sai Yee know too many songs we still can't sing finish all the songs that we chose *left more than 50 songs that we didn't sing ==*
But we do enjoy the whole night. Everytime sing K with funny friends can laugh until cannot sing. XD

Roly poly! 
So happy that they have new songs like Roly Poly, Lovey Dovey, Fantastic baby and other new songs so fast as Penang's Redbox need to wait almost half year only have those songs. =\

Half way met Mable as she and her groupmates also came here to enjoy their last night in Kampar! XD

I'm the only one who brought own bottles to the room. #sohealthy x)

Guess who is this?!?! *OMG I'm so high that time XD*

Knew it already?? It's George Hu!! My favourite male idol XD 
He's so cute and handsome~~~ XD

 *fainting!* XD

It's Rainie Yang's song - 冷战.

Saturday. Whole day facing laptop and also all my packing stuffs.
Gonna leave Kampar tomorrow.
And random cam-whores, trying out new app in my iPhone - Camera360.
Loving all the effects! Make my face looks like I just put foundation on it XD

Does my smile looks fake? XD

Sleepy eyes + messy eyes all the way cause I actually woke up quite early. Not enough sleep!! TT

The above pictures I actually and really didn't edit before. 
It's all from the effect of Camera360. Go and try it if you have smart phone! x)

Last night, went to MyDream Dessert to have desserts after dinner.
Since I have the Buy 1 Free 1 Ala carte voucher that I got it that day when I bought Edwin's birthday cake here and tomorrow is the expired date so we went for it last minute. x)

The free drinks.

Random shot by Cyrus. Thanks? XD

Write your wish on it. :D

Written by Sai Yee...

Durian Mille Crepe. 
I actually ordered for the Mango one but I don't know why they gave me Durian one.
But it's okay since it's nice and I miss the taste after Edwin's birthday 1 month ago. x)

Another random shot. I have chin in this picture! XD

Oh! Sup? XD

Time for pictures of the tasty desserts! =D
2 sets of Foundue Chocolate!

The chocolate with candle under it to avoid it turn into solid state.

Banana strawberry grapes apple kiwi mashmallows and ice-creams!!

Sintung and me keep on take pictures of the food and others have to wait. XD

Okay done with the pictures. 
Hungry? Go and get a try then! Ipoh also have it I guess. But it's just in Perak state.
The prices of the desserts are quite expensive actually, but with that buy 1 free 1 voucher, each of us only need to pay for about around 6 bucks to eat 2 sets of it!
The original price of 1 set of it is RM25.90 (for chocolate) and RM22.90 (for Red bean which can refill Oreo biscuits)

That's all for my Friday and Saturday that spent more than 50 bucks.
Looking forward to tomorrow!
Moving out from this room and heading to my new room in KayeLLe!! XD
And after that Genting Highland with gang and back to Penang again! Yay! XD
I'll miss everything in Kampar... will come back when I'm free! :D
Bye for now! x)

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