Friday, 27 April 2012

The end of my foundation life.

My semester 3 final examination is over!! And it's also mean that my foundation life ended here today too. *hopefully I won't fail any paper for this sem so that I won't continue my foundation for 1 more sem DX*

Well, suffered for the whole week and my face was like a zombie now O.O
Gonna get back my beauty sleep time in these 2 days before I live Kampar!!
And gonna use these 2 days to update a lil stuff about my foundation life! Hopefully no other distraction entertainment stop me from updating mah blog x)

It's my 3rd last day to stay in Kampar and this room with full of my love to it...
Cause only will move my things to my new room in KL on Monday!
So gonna miss here so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!! Except for the extreme crazy hot weather ==

Well, it's just gonna be a short update here now.
Heading out to have a lot of fun tonight!!
Hope everyone do enjoy their night too! :) *For people who had finished their exam too I mean xP*
Bye for now! xD

Sleepy face. Can see I actually used so much energy on thinking those questions in the papers and not enough blood and glucose until eyes swell. LOL #notreally and #notabiostudent XD

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