Sunday, 8 April 2012

Birthday surprises - Fish's & Edwin's.

Suppose that I'm gonna update about the surprise birthday party for Edwin few days ago,
but then suddenly thought of we do gave another surprise party before for our fish Sai Yee in February,
and due to lack of time to update my blog so I almost forget about it already, 
and add they didn't tag those pictures to me in Facebook. XD 
So it's gonna be a post about 2 friend's surprise birthday party that we gave.
Don't worry Fish, I'd remembered to update about it now x)

February 18, 2012. 
Saturday night, went to her house gave our Fish a surprise while she's studying for the test.
We asked for her roommate Hui Sin's help to do something so she won't know we're going to give her the surprise. Luckily we're success to give it to her! XD

She was actually shocked and almost cried out! Her favourite Peach birthday cake from Secret Recipe!! xD

The same thing happened to everyone who have cakes for them on their birthday. LOL!

Happy 19th birthday!! Sai Yee jeh old jor lor~~ XDD

Our cute lil girl almost cried out... :')

Love this pic! The birthday hat I bought for her since she said before she wants to wear the birthday hat while celebrating anyone's birthday. Love that cute spongebob too! XD

The girls. 

The guys. XD
The guys always have so much epic and insane poses and actions, like an actor!! XD
All can go find part time actor jobs dy lah XD

OMG we're all shorter than Sai Yee jeh!! XD

'Qun Kah Fu' Take #1! XD
I thought all have to be in serious face??!!
'Qun Kah Fu' Take #2!
And I thought all have to smile now?? XD

Oh everyone's doing Jensen, Sai Yee and Akira's 招牌动作 - Wipe saliva!! XD

We all wanna have thin face!! XD

After having fun with photo shootings, everyone went to have their own entertainment.
Some watch TV some play iPad some play with phones and some go study. @@

And last but not least, specially thanks to Jensen's brother's DSLR for the pictures! :D
And thanks to Hui Sin for helping us on our plan on this surprise party too! =)

This is a gift from 8 of us to Sai Yee. 
Nice right?? Sai Yee jeh ni hen xing fu ahh~~ XD

April 3, 2012.
Whole week having meetings for our Programming concept's assignment after the end of those bloody tests last week. We planned to bring him out for supper and let his roommate Akira to lie him back home to give him surprise.
I didn't take pictures of the moment when he was surprised cause it's kinda rush and was worrying that our plan will fail. But luckily it success again! XD

The 19 candles. Did you just see a ghost? XD

The Durian cake from the dessert shop MyDream
Look's like a fried egg right? But it taste totally durian! You'll love it very much if you're a durian freaker! x)

As I said, everyone have to do this for their birthday! XD 
Sorry for the blurness cause this time no DSLR x)

Are you sleeping?? LMAO!!! XD

Happy 19th birthday!! Edwin dai gor you also old jor lor~~ XD

As usual, insane! and so gay XD

At first I thought the cake was kinda huge but was a lil disappointing after see the cake.
But it's still enough for us cause it's kinda full with this big of slice!
Our Master Wong in action! XD

The slice. You can see that it's full of durians inside!!
Are you hungry now? Go and get a try now! XD

The guys.

The girls. x) 
What's with that shocking face, Edwin? XD

After finish eating the cakes, everyone went back their own position to continue their assignments.
At least we have some entertainment while having stresses on assignments. XD
Who's gonna be our next birthday boy/girl to give surprises? x)

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