Monday, 9 April 2012

Another Ipoh day - 8/4/2012.

Went to Ipoh yesterday with gang. 
Visited the brand new opened shopping mall AEON Jusco Station 18 there. 
And it's the last time that we can go to Ipoh together to shopping and watch movie!!

Morning went to AEON first. Due to it's Sunday so the car in the car park is so damn full and jam!!
And it's so damn SUNday until almost burnt until the sun. =_=

On the way :) 
cam-whore cam-whore XD
And thanks to Cyrus for fetching us!! XD

Spot the girl on my shirt. Does she looks like me??! XD 
#sosuperstar #sovain XD

Due to AEON is just a new shopping mall, it's so 'people mountain people sea'  inside and the decorations inside were damn cute and colourful! 
It makes me non-stop taking my phone to capture capture capture! x)
Here's some random shoots of those cute stuffs inside. :)

Loving those cute animals and the colourful ferris wheel! 

Say hi to that cute guy! :D

It's a pink music note!! 

How they just did such a huge monkey with so many balloons?! :o

The information counter. That orange tiger's eyes!!! XD

This thing is spinning. Damn nice!

Someone was actually acting and his ambition is to be that soldier. Suits him right??? XD *jk*

After walking around the mall, went to the foods area to search for restaurant.
Almost every restaurants were full of people and most of it have huge amount of peoples were lining up outside. Too bad I didn't took the pictures of the long queue of every restaurants!!

And at the end, went to the smallest amount of people's shop, Sushi King.
It's because their big discount is just for weekdays. That's why people prefer Sakae Sushi next door. Sigh 

In the toilet with Auto Sensors' Basin and nice mirrors. x)

After had our 'brunch' at Sushi King, it's CHATIME! Cha cha cha~ XD
Due to the Sushi King's service not very good and some of our dishes came late, Sin Tung and other guys went to help us to order Chatime first.
And due to Sin Tung doesn't know that Pearl Milk Tea already contained Pearls inside and she helped me to ordered an added pearl's pearl milk tea. That's why I have double the layers of the pearls!
Although I'm so in love with pearls but I know that it's very unhealthy and it'll be so damn full after eating them, but I didn't blame on her cause she really don't know about that. It's okay Sin Tung. XD

You can see the tag on the cup there wrote about that, and the amount of pearls in the cup! XD

We continue our shoppings and shootings after that. x)

Rocking with mah Chatime?? XD

Supernatural yo~~ XD

Just some random shots of my cute crazy friends. x) 

Will'ya feel tired, cute lil clown? :o

Feel like ridin' on the train with those bear bear soft toys!! XD

The cute bears!! Can I bring them home?? 

Me want those 'leng sam' (pretty shirts) SO BADLY!!!!!!! DX

Little marry-go-round. Wish to sit on them too. XD

After done our shopping, we went to Lotus Five Star Cinema to watch movie at around 2pm.
The cars in the parking lot jammed!! We actually jammed inside for around 15 minutes, not very long but we left around 20 minutes to our movie starts!
But luckily we still get to watch our movie although we're late a bit.

Few of us watched We Not Naughty (孩子不坏) and some went to watch The Wraths of Titans.
I watched We Not Naughty. I strongly recommend this movie to everyone of you in this world.
What they said in the movie is so true and taught me a lot of things.
Jack Neo's movies are always so meaningful and most of it makes me cried like hell!
So if you haven't watch it, go and watch it now! Or download it to watch from internet!

This is the movie. Everyone was talking about that 2 'endao bah'. XD
But they're really so endao x)

After this movie, others continue to watch The Hunger Games, except me and Edwin cause we already watched it before.
Said until Hunger Game, I watched it with my brother last week when I went back to Penang.
It's also another recommended movie to watch.
So damn 'qi kek' especially when the girl is running away from the fires and also from those bad guys!
It makes me so damn worry about her although I knew that she won't die cause she's the main character of the movie. XD
That girl is very pretty after she was sent to train for the game, and the boy is quite 'endao' also XD

When they went to watch the movie, me and Edwin went to Ipoh Parade to eat cause I almost hungry die that time. XD
Went to Kopitiam Junctions to eat. It's really so Kopitiam and the pattern in the shop was just like Old Town's style. :o

Macaroni. :)
I actually thought that their macaroni is like spaghetti that style but it's in soup. ._.
Patients food. OMG =.= 
I'm so Penang lang right? Don't know Ipoh's food style ==

Oh I'm so gonna eat those hot dogs! XD
But it taste no good. X(

Edwin in da' house! So 'yaoyeng'~~ who took one who took one?? XD

Self-shot by using Edwin's video cam. XD

French Fries! I love the crunchy crunchy one~~ X)


Loving the effect. Wanna eat?? XD

And we continue to shopping in  Parade while waiting them to finish their 2 hours movie in Lotus.
Can I bring all of'em home without paying???? XD

After they end their movie, we went to 'tong shui gai' for dinner.
I mean, they have their dinner cause both of us already had it in just now. XD
Then went back at around 9pm. Had a really great day with them!
Hope we'll have next chance to go shopping together next time in KL!! :)


  1. It's Tong Shui Gai not Tou Fu Gai la noob Neko Da Yie!!