Saturday, 7 January 2012

My 2011 Christmas. ♥

Sorry for the late update due to exams and my laziness after exams. =X
Well, my 2011 Christmas, again, celebrated in Kampar with that bunch of people. XD
And also celebrated Zhi Jun's birthday in advance, 2 days earlier.
Too bad that Miss Gan Gan was back to Ipoh so we can't help her to celebrate her birthday together in advance too, 1 day earlier. =\

We went to the Japanese Restaurant, Shunka to have dinner together before we start our war after 2 days.
Had a lot of photoshoots with them together before we start our dinner. XD

Me and Miss Sin Tung, with our Christmas hats on. ;D
Me and Miss Sai Yee, with our Christmas hats again. XD

The ladies - (from left) Zhi Jun, Sai Yee, me and SinTung. Take #1.

The ladies. Take #2.

Yay 3连拍. XD

Another 3连拍. XD

Our 'Liu Bei Si' Queen! XD

Crazy shootings LOL.
Photographer non-stop counting '1,2,3' and we non-stop changing our poses. XD

Finally our foods were here. *Look at my 'tamjiak' face.* XD

My dinner. Oyako Don Set. 

Cheese egg roll! Mah favourite especially with the cheese 

My beverage. Vanilla Milk Shake 

Continue our 'vain' after eating. XD


Oh finally is cake time! XD
Happy birthday Zhi Jun!

'ku shen me?! sor lui lei geh!' XD *we know what it means and who said it XD*

Nonono we don't push her. We still wanna eat the cake. XD

The fruit cream cake! Yummy~ XD

A group photo after having our cake and before leaving the restaurant. Take #1.

Take #2. My face was almost blocked by a big hand but luckily I was fast to leave up my head. XD

That's all for our christmas on the year 2011. With books and with friends together.
Glad that still have them to celebrate together. 
After that just went back to continue our study together. *Sigh...
Okay I know I didn't describe a lot in this post because... I don't have anything to describe =.=
A picture can speak a thousand words. And I think there's a million words in this post already. XD

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