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Travel: Langkawi Trip.

I should say that, the time before we went to Langkawi, everyone was like "YAY finally Final is over! XD" And we're so excited and looking forward to our trip to Pulau Langkawi! :D

On the 31st December 2011 morning, '7 early 8 early' everyone wake up and prepare to go to old town's bus station for the 8:30am bus and head to Alor Setar. Except for 1 person who can't wake up early in the morning on that day. =.=
Playing with my new Hello Kitty specs with the 2 guys there in the bus! XD
I guess they're only the 2 who willing to wear it and take photos with me. XD

We actually took a lot of videos during this trip, but we will just keep it ourself. XD
*Imagine that n years later, we play it and laugh and miss the time and our youngster attitudes. XD*

After we sat on the bus for like... 6 hours? (Ya if not mistaken is 6 hours), and was like finally reach Alor Setar from Kampar. What a so damn far journey. Luckily we still have poker cards to accompany us in the bus. XD
Oh not forget to say that, our gang have 2 magicians that always trick on us, the 'little kids'. XD It's fun! But I'm really very sorry that I'm the most noisy person in the whole bus. =_=

While waiting for the time to sit ferry. Playing with the video cam. XD Take #1.
Take #2.

Take #3.

Take #4.

Lining up to sit ferry. It takes us so long. But had a best group photos among all of the photos. XD

In the ferry with the girls.

We took 1 hour++'s ferry and finally we reached Pulau Langkawi's Jetty Point!

The Avanza car that they booked earlier has arrived and it's our transport there. XD Can you imagine how we squeeze ourself in an Avanza with 10 persons + our luggages??! I almost can't breathe and my bones are gonna break and plus our motel from the Jetty Point is so damn far. DX

We need to pass by the mountain road and it's almost night that time. Luckily our driver Ah Lai is good in driving. XD

After we settle down our things in our motel (CD motel), went to have lunch nearby.

We actually have a plan, that is gift exchange among us. So after dinner, we went to search for a gift and will be exchange together after 12am, (a.k.a after the year 2011 XD) But too bad that I can't choose a great present very well cause it's lack of time for me this slowpoke. My present ain't that good... Really sorry~ =(

After that, we gather back together and head to the beach. CC decided to make something special that will attract people's attention and come and take photos since he did this last year and it works. XD

We actually dig a lot of holes in the sand and make some shapes and put candles into it. Isn't it beautiful?! It do attracted a lot of tourists especially 'ang mo lang' XD

And I was attracted by that thing that is on my head - the blinking ribbon hairband! XD
Non-stop taking pictures with it before 2012 reach. XD

And finally, the fireworks are out! It's my first time to view such a near and a lot of fireworks! So damn stunning~ And luckily we're in time to take pictures together with those fireworks! XD
Not forget to say that, a lot of people release the lanterns (孔明灯) and it looks great in the sky! 

'1' and '2' stands for 2012's 12! XD

(The pictures were blur cause we're not using DSLR or any geng camera but just only a video cam. But still thanks to Edwin's video cam. XD)

With the biggest love shape that they made. 


Everyone of us with the big love shape. 

After tired of making those sand thingy, gift exchange time! I received Ah Lai's present, that's a hand bracelets with the word 'langkawi'! Thank you :D

 Everyone got their presents! It'll be very valuable for everyone. 

After that, we leave our place and explore other places. I can say that, almost 70% of Pulau Langkawi is full of 'Ang mo lang'. XD Some still stand at the seaside and kiss in front of public. Luckily they were not caught to the police station... ya'know... Malaysia is sensitive in this kind of stuffs. Duhh. XD

This year's countdown was the happiest countdown moment I ever had! XD

It's the first day of 2012! 
Wake up early in the morning to go to Pulau Payar for snorkeling! But it's raining early in the morning! But our plan still on! XD And it's bad that we didn't bring video cam and handphones together. We missed a lot of fun moment's pictures! Luckily we still have SinTung's handphone to standby.

Sat but to Jetty Point. After that, sat ferry to Pulau Payar. 
Some of us were so unlucky that we sit in front of the air-cond, and the wind that blows out is ice cold windOh my gosh we didn't even bring any jackets or blankets AND WE'RE IN SHORT PANTS AND SHORT SLEEVES!! We use the towel and bags to cover ourself. How pity we are! T.T And the worst is, it tooks us 2 hours to reach Pulau Payar! OMG =.= Luckily we're still survive now =.=

That moment I was like...
to the air-cond! =.=

Okay ignore the stupid ferry now.

After reach there, snorkeling in the clean sea! Actually not as clean as I expect =.=
It's really fun although we need to put that thing into our mouth after thousands of saliva were stick on it ==
The most great thing is there's no sun on that day! :D Saw a lot of different kind of fishes under the sea. And I can swim until very far away from the land. LOL


And not forget to say that, there's also a lot of sharks there! XD
Oh my baby sharks~~ can you see it???!! XD

Shark fins!!! We use to draw only shark fin in the sea to show that there's a shark in the sea! LOL

Envy on their braveness!! Most of the tourist especially those 'ang mo' don't even scared of dangerous! They swam to the area that has a lot of sharks. Can I join you guys?? XD

Welcome to Pulau Payar. Can't really see the words XD

Do re mi fa so la ti! XD

10 of us. 

Wong Chong Chiat want to become ang mo. Lololll *no logic i know XD*
He asked me to write him as brave as those ang mo but I refused. Purposely write something no sense =P

After had lunch and continue playing until 4pm, again and same place in the ferry back to Pulau Langkawi.
Cold one more time but luckily it's not as cold as morning. But it's still cold! =.=

After back to our motel, we straightly went to the beach that is behind our motel to sit banana boat! XD


Ahhh it's blur! XD

Not Fun!!! They only let us fall 1 time cause it's getting darker! DX

YAY! Thumbs up! At least we had a little fun! :D

After this, actually was going to sit parachute, but they're closed cause it's dark that time. So just play at the seaside. XD

What's everyone doing there??? XD

Actually have more pictures but I'm lazy to upload all 1 by 1.
Just go to my Facebook profile to view it. XD

After that, went to shopping! I mean at the roadside shops. XD Didn't bought a lot of things but 10 of us bought the same T-shirts - I love Langkawi! I forget to take it back from some of them so I don't have it right now. T.T
They bought a lot of alcohols back to motel and decided to not to sleep whole night. @.@ Pro.

Thanks for Sai Yee for the gifts! This is so cute! XD

It's a pen! Cute right? XD 

And that night I was actually wearing another gift from Sai Yee and CC that day bought the night before.
Thanks guys. I appreciate it much. 

In the room, view our pictures and videos of the 2 days. Found out a lot of funny things.
After that, poker cards whole night long. Some of us can't stand already (including me) so we went to sleep and left 4 of them really didn't sleep for the whole night.

It's the 2nd day of 2012. So fast, we're leaving Pulau Langkawi! Should plan for 4-5 days! 3 days are not enough for us! Didn't go a lot of places yet ;(

Any similarity between us in these pictures? XD
We're actually wearing the same hairbands!
Great weather and nice view! Love it so much XD

Yay bunnies! XD

Step-bunny-mother with her 3 step-bunny-daughters. XD
Love you guys much! 

After that, we went to Jetty Point earlier to shopping. We bought a lot of Duty free chocolates! Some of them bought so damn much alcohols back. XD

All of them sat the same ferry back to Kuala Kedah and back to Kampar. Since there's a ferry that can straightly back to Penang from Langkawi so I wait at there until 2.30pm for the ferry. Regretted that I didn't ask how long it takes me back to Penang island. Everytime thought that I'm going to reach so I didn't sleep in the ferry for 3 hours. =_=

And yet both side of me are 'ang mo lang'! 1 so damn leng lui and another one look so genius OMG == But I still reach Penang safely. :)

That's all for our Langkawi Trip. Everyone of us went back to hometown and we're having our sem break now. Where are we going on our next sem break, people??! Can I go out of  Malaysia???? XD Neh~ was just joking. We're broke after this trip. T.T And yet we're still going to KL next week to look for hostel and also shopping to buy our CNY clothes!
Another can't wait moment for me now~~~ This is so exciting!! XD
Hope it'll be very fun too! XD

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