Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy Dragon Year!

Hello peeps! Sorry for not updating my blog for almost half month due to I'm currently healing some sickness and have no time to update about mah 2nd sem break! x)
The whole sem break was feeling pain but I didn't know it will gone so serious so I don't care and continue have fun with my Penang friends!
But the pain came after I went to KL trip with my Uni friends 2 weeks ago!
So I'd suffered my 1st week of new sem in the hospital. =.=
But I've a lot of stuffs to update about mah sem break!
Will be update sooner or later when I'm free or not feeling lazy. Stay tune! XD

Well, it's the 3rd day of the dragon year now!
I can't go to visit relatives for the past few days due to I'm still healing and was not allowed to simply eat. T.T Don't worry. Almost recover now. x)
But I still get a lot of Angpaus from mom's friends and some relatives who knows me. XD
After my sickness recover I must go and get more angpaus from outsiders HOHOHO! XD

Lastly, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!!
Stay healthy and happy, people! ;)

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