Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Random countdown

1 more day to "the war of snatching timetable"! (It's the register of next sem's course timetable =.=)
4 more days to Christmas Eve!
5 more days to Christmas! XD
7 more days to the bloody final examination! D':
10 more days to the final of the final examination and the start of sem break! YAY!!
11 more days to the end of the year 2011!
12 more days to the end of the world...nonono is the new year 2012!! *touch wood touch 'dicotyledon'!'* XD
13 more days to go back to Penang! (omg still got 2 weeks time =.=)
22 more days to hell...nonono is the date of releasing the results! DX
27 more days to the end of sem break and the start of new semester!
34 more days to Chinese New Year!!! WOHO! XD
Just a random countdown while bored of studies. x)

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