Saturday, 10 December 2011

Mah best damn gang in Kampar.

This is just a random photo post about my gang, my best friends, my best damn gang in Kampar...
Actually I'm wondering what to put as my title of this post for minutes......
Mah friends? Damn common...
Mah Kampar friends? Very common...
Mah crazy friends? Mah insane friends? Mah awkward gang???
The monkeys? The unhumans? The gangsters??????
Damn... My final decision is...... look yourself la I've already written it! XD

First of all... *Separation line stands for different days.*
This is taken on the day 111111. Damn nice right??? XD
The Grand Kampar Hotel~ Quite a nice and clean hotel. :)
You can actually plan a day to visit me here, 
and see whether you wanna stay in my messy room with me or in this nice hotel. XD

My big gang. We ain't gangsta!! XD
Fish is not in the picture because she's the photographer of this pic. =( 
(But don't worry, your face is gonna appear in almost every next pictures. XD)
Anyone else was missing from this picture? :)

I still remember this time, I'm waiting for the rain to stop but end up I went to extra classes with these few monkeys. Tiring! DX
And can see from this picture, those guys are 'pembuli'!!! XD

The 'justice league'! Spot the superman. XDD

The day before I donate the blood. Waited too long so postpone to the next day.
Thanks for my 3 shapos for accompany me to wait for the blood donation! :)
(Click my previous post to see about my blood donation :))

In the Japanese Restaurant... forgotten it's name already XD
And I still remembered that time I broke their shoe case!! OMG =O

Yeah~ I love them! 

6 of us. Too bad, Yi Qin went back earlier. You missed it! Hoho XD

Our turn to bully back them. HAHAHA! XD

The Pizza day @ Sin Tung's house! Great time!! 

Curry chicken bread day!! ♥ Take #1

Take #2. 

OMG I miss the!!! XDD *ignore me*

YAY Take #1. 

YAY Take #2. 

YAY Take #3

YAY Take #4. XD 

YAY. 4 of us again. But why my head is sticking fish's head???! =O

Tadaa! We're too boring in KFC while waiting others to finish their dinner!
Left hand side, me and fish's plaits! 2 different colours' plaits damn nice!! XD
Right hand side, 2 short hair girl, sintung and lushing. So cute. XD

In bus while heading to Ipoh, again, to watch "You're the apple of my eye"
2 crazy girl nothing to do in bus. XD


We're back to the same bus stand. Take #1.

YAY Take #2

YAY Take #3. XD 

In the lift of Grand Kampar Hotel.
This is the day we went for dinner in GKH and meanwhile, the adventure of GKH too! XD
*Look at the cute face of Yi Qin! XD*

@ the Lobby of GKH after was found that we simply run in the hotel. XDD

Take #1. 

Take #2. 

Whole gang Take #1
DK a.k.a Endao was not in the picture cause he is the photographer.
Thanks endao!!! =D

Whole gang Take #2

Take #1. Last week. The avatar!!!! Awesome XD 

Take #2. I was pretending as L but the photographer snapped too fast as we haven't well prepared yet ==

Take #3. Lady Banana is seducing 'Shy' Hamsap lou! Aww how sweet~~ XXD

With the crazy shapo! XD 
We're supporting our Miss Sin Tung's sketch presentation! XD

Thanks to Edwin's videocam auto-capture while recording video. XD
What a wonderful heart shape!! XDD 

SinTung's Piggy ear and Piggy nose! XD

Sin Tung 你很帅啊~~~!!!XD 
*I'm having banana that they used to present in their sketch! XD*

Every time when I saw this picture I will LMAO!!! XDD

The best damn gang again. 

I wrote this post about them is because they've too many fun moments for me to update my blog...
But as my time was fulled with school stuffs, so I can't update everything 1 by 1...

And another reason is, they meant a lot to me!
They make me laugh everyday, 
They make me smile everyday,
They console me when I'm sad,
They pulled me up when I'm down,
They help me when I'm in trouble,
They taught me homeworks,
They make me feel nervous when I didn't study,
They played with me and I played with them,
They bully me and I bully them,
They make me know why I'm here to study,
And most of all, they are the 'tiang' that makes me stand still and keep moving on at here!
Without them, I think I'll fail my sem 1 exams!
And also won't have the happiness to attend classes...

Seriously, I wanted to post this paragraph long time ago, but I don't have the time! #Damn.those.tests.and.reports.and.assignments!

We're seperating in 4 more months...
Not everyone, but without some of you are just like... A cup of milo without milo powder......? O.O (currently having milo so I use this to describe it =__=)
I wanna forever be with you guys!
But this is impossible... so I must appereciate this moment!
I love you guys! Thanks for walking into my life! :) 

Sintung, Saiyee, Lushing, Chongchiat, Edwin, Yiqin, DK, Cyrus, Jensen, Patrick, Ah Lai, Zhijun, Zhiquan, Crab crab, Ryan and so on! *Sorry that if I missed your name!* x)

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