Friday, 9 December 2011

Last 3 months...

Hello people! It's a quarter of December now~ (And I go back to December all the time~~XD)
Finally I've got time to update my blog now because my tests, reports and assignments are all done! Yay
But now I'm going to start prepare my bloody final examination already. =[

BTW, I got the hello kitty spectacles already!
It was like FINALLY~~ XD
I crave for it for a long time ago and finally bought from a friend in Facebook!
And thanks for Jesea who accompany me to run the whole P mall to find it last week, 
but end up we fail to find it.

I love pink bows! 
Crazy-ing + vain-ing alone in my room =.=

Oh ya, and also a brand new iPhone USB cable after I lost my old one few days ago. =\
Say hello to kitty again! XD 

Well... I think I'd skipped update on a lot of fun things that happened in these 3 months.
So let me saja update awhile. XD

Sis's 20th birthday @ Oh sushi! Japanese Cuisine - 15th October 2011.
[Pee/asS: My 18th birthday also celebrated at here, u'll know it if you followed my blog. x)]
Wearing sis's red flowery dress~ x)

Cam-whore with birthday girl first before we start our meal. xD 

Unagi Temaki - Mah Favourite! 

Unagi Tofu Salad - It's Unagi again! ♥ 

Forgotten what's its name already but I love it so much since I work in Kirishima!
It taste a bit like mayonnaise! XD

Sashimi!!! Fresh and Q! XD


Mah 2 cousins, 1 'hungry ghost' and 1 crazy girl! XD ♥ 

I love my family. 

Last but not least, Green tea a.k.a Ocha ice-cream! 
Oops! There's a bite from me already. XD

Me and mah prettayy momma~ 


Me, Natalie and Leonard. 

My very 1st blood donation of my life - 21st October 2011.
If you afraid to see pains and blood, I recommend you to skip this section. x)

Now think back, I feel myself was actually so brave!!!
I'm so nervous before entering the booth to have medical check-up.
Before go to heritage hall, I decide to donate. But after enter, saw those bloods and I started to change my mind.
But end up, I entered! XD

Seeeeee!  How big the needle is that poke into my skin! XD

Before my face started to turn white =.=

My friend told me that my face turn very white in a while, and after a while, I feel like vomiting.
So I stopped half way and I failed to donate until 350ml so much. =\
Weak daoooooo =___=

The whole view~ Spot me!! (ignore those 'ghost-like' humans. XD)

After donation. :)

I'm so proud of myself! This certificate is worth! XD

And thanks for the foods from them! XD

This is after few weeks. It took me weeks to disappear from my hand. =\

My very 1st individual presentation in UTAR - 2nd November 2011.
My formal wear~ It actually doesn't look like a proper one =.=
But who cares?! I'm not a mass comm student I don't need it often. XD

Thanks to these 2 lil buddy's support although they can't attend my presentation on that day. :)

BTW, I forgotten to take pictures with all my buddies that day due to my time is too rush already. =(

Bailey's 18th birthday - 5th November 2011.
Went back to Penang after my presentation to celebrate bestie, Bailey's 18th birthday @ Straits Quay!
Outfit of the day! Thanks photographer FOK! XD

While waiting birthday girl to come out from her work, 
we went to have Fruuze as Weline and me promised that we wanted to eat it together! 
Damn, I miss the taste now!!! DX

Weline and me. 

Happy birthday,  Bailey Yan! Sincerely, the Onions!! XD

*Ignore the Starbucks and Haagen-dazz cause they're not hers! XD*

Onions' the best!! XD

Meanwhile, I'm got my 18th birthday present from Bailey and TKF that they owed me at the same time. 
LOL! Thanks both of you! x) 

And I now only remembered that our photographer of that day didn't upload those pictures to Facebook!!!
*Sigh... Nevermind then ==

Mouse dissection - 16th November 2011.
Again, I recommended you to skip this section too cause it's worst than the blood donation one. XD
My assistant, Mr. Wong (oops! I think I'm more like your assistant) is dissecting it!
Actually we're just ask to dissect and see the whole digestive system of the rat (that will not have blood),
but end up we took out all the things and it became so bloody~~ Amitofo X(

First of all, we took it's kidneys out! Like a lil bean! XD

The stomach. Now look back, I was actually like... EWW
Why the hell I dare to take that on that time?! ==

Okay. The evil doctor has totally killed the poor lil rat.
Now, let me label those organs for you! ;)

See it? Learnt it? Okay, good! XD

Come, who wanna Gimme 5 with me?! XD

Oh! We found sperms! =.= Do you see it?!

Cheeeeeeese! ;)

'Doctor Wong' is trying to pin it back to normal position. =___=

Tadaa! Hey lil Mouse, you can wake up now! LOL! XD

I think this post is too long already...
I'll update in another new post if I remembered anything I'd missed. XD

To be continue... :)

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