Sunday, 18 December 2011

Happy christmas in advance!

Wassup guys! Santa claus is coming to town!
But final examination is around the corner too.
And I'm still slacking around here and playing with my new Google Chrome apps-Webcam Toy! Great~ XD

With mah leopard pink HK specs and the cute lil Skeleton X'mas hat from mah sis few years ago~ 
Take #1.

Take #2.

Take #3.  

Take #4. *Meow~ x)

With mah Black HK specs and mah original X'mas hat~
Take #1.

Take #2. *not pointing the middle finger XD*

Take #3.

Seriously, have no mood to study this weekend.
9 more days to go! Where got enough time for me?! T_T
Feel so laaaaaazzzzyyyyy to do anything right now except for play! XD

Well, our final exam starts on the 27th of December, that is the date after 2 days of Christmas!! 
UTARians are going to suffer on the 2011's Christmas EVER! =(
But my gang decided to wear our Christmas hats to attend our final exams on that day! Yeappy! XD
Can't wait to do such insane things together and I wonder how those lecturers and other students look at us on that day! XD
And perhaps others will join us together and almost whole campus' students are wearing Christmas hat together to sit for exams!!
OMG so spectacular and it's going to be a very memorable day!! *imagining/dreaming* XD
*Don't suddenly change your mind and make me feel disappointed on you guys please! x)*

Final exam haven't reach yet, I'm already in my sem break mood! (as usual. XD)
Cant wait cant wait~~ can't wait to count down for the new year 2012!!!
BTW, why blogger don't want to add emoticons for us so that I can show you guys how excited I am right now!! XDD

Time flies. So fast it's already half year plus plus that I'd studied in UTAR.
And after next sem's 3 months, I'm going to study in KL for 3 years.
Alright I guess I have to stop writing at here before everyone started to cry for the separating T.T LOL!

Nicole da' Yie wish you a Happy Merry Christmas in advance!
If you're not having exams or tests or whatever shits that is related to studies on Christmas day, GO AND HAVE SOME FUN!!!!
Don't be like us, although I know I'll be playing around on that day, but still need to face my books after that!!! D'X

Let's present the christmas song that I currently in love with the song and MV before I end my post.

Damn love this song, and the MV, but not the singer. XD
Not say I hate him or love him, but I love those robots in the MV more! XD
*Bielibers don't kill me, I'm not meant to hate him! XD*

Okay Bye now! XD

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