Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Fullhouse w/ old pals. ♥

I actually forgotten to update about my dinner with old pals at Fullhouse half month ago. Sorry~
Well, finally Penang's Timesquare has this new restaurant - Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe, that is beautifully designed~
Went there on the 3rd of December with 3 old pals. Too bad Geon's not in Penang so she can't join us. x(

My food - Oven Roasted Chicken Tenderloin with Tomato basil cream. 
I actually like the mash-potato more than the chicken. XD

With Miss Xiao Hui. 

4 of us in the washroom. Take #1.

Take #2. Silly face. 

Take #3. 

And lastly, we retake another same position and same pose's picture that we took in the library last year. 
It's been a year that we study together. 
The original pic, in the library's toilet. 

Take #1
Geon where are you?! I don't want to be the shortest one! DX

Take #2. 

Take #3
*Brighter pics were taken by Cheryl's iPhone 4, of course it's better than my iPhone 3Gs. xD

With Miss Cheryl. 

With Miss Yin Xuan and Cheryl. 

In their boutique upstairs. We're so insane! XD

"Yo wassup man? We're the 4 crazy girls. XD"

With Xiao Hui, again with hats together since few months ago. XD 

The beautiful bed in the boutique. LOL at us XD.

I love their lamp. I think I mean that I love this house, Fullhouse!! XD

At their staircase. Take #1. 

Take #2

Their beautiful designs. 

And not forget to involve our camera man of the day, Yun Huai into our picture. Thanks man! XD

Everyone's dream wedding car. 

Merry Christmas from Fullhouse! 

The big title beside the road of timesquare. Everyone's looking at us while taking these pictures. LOL XD

I miss Penang so much!! 
So many new shops are opening in everywhere!
Can't wait can't wait can't wait for sem break!!!
And Geon you cannot miss our next gathering!
We miss you soooooo much!! XD
jhnmmdd?? XDD *our alien language* LOL!!

By the way, why am I here to update my blog?!
I'm suppose to study!!! Not enough time already~~~~ T.T
And tonight, the war is starting~ Wish me luck people!
I wanna get my timetable that I planned!!
Good luck to everyone too! XD

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