Friday, 23 December 2011

The 300th. ♥

December 23, 2011 2
Another very random post. 
Just saw that I'd reached my 299th post,
so gonna hit my 300th! :D
And I'd also hit my 10k viewers. Thanks people! x)

I know I know... blogged in blogger for 2 years++ only reached 10k very 'xiasui'.
But who cares? I'm not famous at all. XD

Alright. 4 more days to final.
Hope that the results won't be like what I dreamed last night - Failed everything! T.T
So long, people! All the best! ;)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Random countdown

December 20, 2011 0
1 more day to "the war of snatching timetable"! (It's the register of next sem's course timetable =.=)
4 more days to Christmas Eve!
5 more days to Christmas! XD
7 more days to the bloody final examination! D':
10 more days to the final of the final examination and the start of sem break! YAY!!
11 more days to the end of the year 2011!
12 more days to the end of the world...nonono is the new year 2012!! *touch wood touch 'dicotyledon'!'* XD
13 more days to go back to Penang! (omg still got 2 weeks time =.=)
22 more days to hell...nonono is the date of releasing the results! DX
27 more days to the end of sem break and the start of new semester!
34 more days to Chinese New Year!!! WOHO! XD
Just a random countdown while bored of studies. x)

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Mah best damn gang in Kampar.

December 10, 2011 1
This is just a random photo post about my gang, my best friends, my best damn gang in Kampar...
Actually I'm wondering what to put as my title of this post for minutes......
Mah friends? Damn common...
Mah Kampar friends? Very common...
Mah crazy friends? Mah insane friends? Mah awkward gang???
The monkeys? The unhumans? The gangsters??????
Damn... My final decision is...... look yourself la I've already written it! XD

First of all... *Separation line stands for different days.*
This is taken on the day 111111. Damn nice right??? XD
The Grand Kampar Hotel~ Quite a nice and clean hotel. :)
You can actually plan a day to visit me here, 
and see whether you wanna stay in my messy room with me or in this nice hotel. XD

Friday, 9 December 2011

Last 3 months...

December 09, 2011 0

Hello people! It's a quarter of December now~ (And I go back to December all the time~~XD)
Finally I've got time to update my blog now because my tests, reports and assignments are all done! Yay
But now I'm going to start prepare my bloody final examination already. =[

BTW, I got the hello kitty spectacles already!
It was like FINALLY~~ XD
I crave for it for a long time ago and finally bought from a friend in Facebook!
And thanks for Jesea who accompany me to run the whole P mall to find it last week, 
but end up we fail to find it.