Thursday, 24 November 2011


November 24, 2011 0
1 more report 1 more test and 1 more assignment to go!!
Late sleep for few days already because of these stuffs and finally it's nearly to the end!
Keep moving on Nicole!
Fighting!! =D

*Yeah very random~ Good night! XD*

Friday, 11 November 2011

111111. ♥

November 11, 2011 0
Hey guys! It's 11 November 2011!
Everyone is mentioning about this beautiful number in everywhere.

Well, my morning was spent in classes, but due to not enough sleep time for 3 days, I actually count myself as didn't attend these classes although my body was there. Stupid reports' fault! x(
And afternoon went to campus' Halloween event's Haunted house with my 6 best friends in Kampar!
It's my very first time to enter a haunted house ya'know?!! LOL!
Nothing special actually. I mean, I everyday already had a lot of fun with this bunch of monkeys, therefore... nothing special. XD
And evening, dinner with them too. Day day see them see dao very sien liao la XD jkjk~
And a great thing is, I saw rainbow in the evening while having dinner with them!
Sunny day Rainy day Rainbow and Full moon all appeared on the date 111111! 

By the way, not forget to mention that, I'm too busy to update my blog now!!!
So many events happened in these 2 months!
But now my schedule is full of homeworks assignments and TESTS and facing that bunch of monkeys! XD
And I guess I'm not going to update again until next year. Perhaps only!
Cause I'll disobey what I'd said and come up to meet my pinky bloggie! XD
And I remembered that I last week dreamnt that I'm updating my blog!
My bloggie miss me already! Sorry bloggie! I'm really very busy now~ no lie! XD

As a conclusion, I've no enough time to update my blog from now onward!! I mean, from last month onward XD
I don't understand why many of them have so many time to do so many things but I don't! *Jealous x(
Alright. Gotta sleep now before I collapse! chaoz! ;)

BFF  too bad SinTung's not here =[