Sunday, 2 October 2011

Another Ipoh day with friends. ♥

It's October now people! What's your #octoberwish? =)
Went to Ipoh, again on Saturday.
This time is with my semester 1's classmates a.k.a crazy friends (except for 3 person)
Morning went to breakfast first before sit bus to Ipoh.

Me and WenQi. Nothing to do while waiting for bus. XD

In bus. On the way to Ipoh ;)

Say cheese! :D
I don't know what's the 2 behind laughing at that time. =.=

I'm having my favourite tomato twisties that time! 'Tam jiak' face? XD

Reached Ipoh, Medan Gopeng!
Group photo while waiting for Edwin and YiQin to come and fetch us Take #1 :)
DK, Ryan, Lushing, SaiYee, Me, Patrick, CChiat.

Waiting for Edwin and YiQin Take #2.
Ryan, DK, Lushing, SaiYee, Me, Patrick, CChiat.

3 of us Take #1!
Too bad that SinTung has went back to hometown so she can't join us. =(

3 of us Take #2.

3 of us w/ crazy poses Take #3.

The girls Take #1.

The girls w/ crazy poses Take #2.

The girls w/ ROCKER poses Take #3.

 The girls w/ PEACE Take #4.

After both of them reached with 2 cars, 4 girls followed Edwin's Kancil and 4 guys followed YiQin's Viva.
We're on the way to Jusco, Kinta City to watch movie! :D
We chatted a lot in his car and had a lot of jokes too.
One of it was his car signaled him that 1 of the car door didn't close well,
so we everyone 1 by 1 open, close, open and close his every car door,
but all of them were tightly closed!
End up I turn around and try to push his car boot's door and yes! It's the boot! LOL!!
So he stopped his car aside and walk down to close it well. XD

In Edwin's car Take #1.

In Edwin's car Take #2. :)

After we reached Jusco, we went to buy the movie tickets for Nasi Lemak 2.0.
It's nice!! Damn nice!! But I thought it was banned?
Luckily I still got the chance to watch such a nice movie. :D
Karen Kong was very prettyyyy! And I love her sound so much! XD

These are our movie tickets. There's' 11 of us!
And guess what? It's 4 adults and 7 children's tickets! XD

The girls Take #5.

Me and WenQi Take #1, Take #2, Take #3 and Take #4. XD 

 Me and the cutest fish, SaiYee.

This is so epic! Guy version of Dream House?? OMG so gay! XD

After movie, we decided to watch Johnny English Reborn but it's SOLD OUT in Jusco TGV!
So our last decision is go to have lunch first then watch 5pm J.E.R at Lotus Seri Kinta Cinema.

Before lunch, went to play in the so called 'DingDing' first. XD
2 'children' playing that... don't know what's the name of that game. LOL

 Love this 2 picture much!
We actually went to the 大头贴 room to use the screen to take a shot. XD

I'm in the little car. XD

3 of them in the cute little bus! XD

Cute little Merry-Go-Round! :D

Later, we went to have lunch at Oh Sushi! @ De Garden.
It's actually almost the same as the one in Penang that I went on my 18th birthday this year. :D

Hot Ocha! ;D

Sushi! ♥♥♥ (I'm hungry now~ =.=)

This sushi is cute! Too bad I don't know it's name. =\


My lunch - Zaru Cha Soba!  (Cold green tea noodles) 

Edwin and YiQin's Katsu Don!

Ryan's Ebi Don!  

WenQi's Teppan what what what idk =.= but NICE!

Every food that I saw now is making me seriously hungry now! DX

This is how many plates of sushi we ate. HUNGRY GHOSTSSS! XD

Group photo Take #1.

Group photo Take #2 w/ the pose 'liu bei si'. XD

It's too bright behind, but still nice! XD

 3 of us Take #4. Peace! ♥♥♥

 This is how much we ate! =O

The rock outside Oh Sushi! Damn love the pose of SaiYee! XDXD

Love the background!

We're actually searching for a place to have. Strawberry moment! But no one wants. =S
Finally we decide to have Tutti Frutti! :D

Me and WenQi share 1 big cup. See the weight? And it cost...

Yup. This price. Luckily it's not for 1 person. XD

After finish enjoying our desserts, we went to Lotus for another movie!
But there's a thing happened, that is YiQin has lost his car ticket for the parking in Jusco!!
We waited them to settle everything then only together go to Lotus. :)
After reached Lotus, obviously, we're late for the movie.
But luckily still get to watch Johnny English Reborn again! :D

Group photo in Lotus Cinema Take #1!

Group photo Take #2.

After that, went back to Kampar by Edwin's car and YiQin's car.
Thanks for the 2 drivers of the day VERY MUCH!
Oh ya! Edwin actually took some video when we're in Oh Sushi and the process of we making our Tutti Frutti!
We did had a lot of fun with them!
When's our next Ipoh trip again??? XD
I actually wrote this post for the whole day due to the damn stupid idiot lag internet!
Internet Y U NO smoooooth?!?!! =.=

Alright. Going to Dinner with them again now! Bye! x)

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