Sunday, 25 September 2011

What a new life.

Wassup people.
Well, I'd just done my 1st week of my semester 2 last week.
Every semester's 1st week are very free cause we just have lecture classes.
All the tutorial classes and practical classes will only start on week 2, that is next week.

Okay, as I promise myself I need to be more hardworking compare to semester 1 to get a better results.
But I found out that, every subject in this semester is more difficult than previous semester!!!!
(Am I talking shit? Of course will be more difficult, you fool. =.=)

Mathematics II, I guess I can only handle this subject well but not as well as mathematics I. Differentiation and Integration killed me while I was in secondary school and now it is coming back to revenge!! DX

Effective Communication Skills, what a loooooong subject title you have. =.= Okay, FML for this time, cause we need to do an individual presentation and another group presentation for our coursework mark. The bad thing is, I don't have any friends in that tutorial class! How am I going to cooperate with those people that I don't know them well?! And the worst thing is, the group presentation is to perform a drama. #FML x10000! Bailey~ QianXin~ Weline~ TKF~ I miss you guys so much! I miss our champion sketches! I wanna go back to that time!! T.T

Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism, the 1st thing I hate this subject is the subject title, it's HELL LONG ya'know! Longer than ECS's. =.= The 2nd thing is, I'm too 'lucky' to get a Malay lecturer to teach me this subject. Not saying she's bad, but I prefer my previous lecturer, Mr. Lim or Mr. Foo! T.T CONGRATULATE me please! I'm failing this time! #WTF #FML #killmeplease! (Pray for me for not getting the same lecturer in my tutorial and practical class next week! T.T)

Biology II, great. I'd study so many nonsense about cells that doesn't help me much in my future in the previous trimester, and now I'm continuing those nonsense on humans whole body in this trimester. #FML again.

Organic Chemistry, suan le bah... This subject is more on memorising, and as everyone know, I just have a short term memory. Is not that short, is this short - 1 day. Okay I'm kidding. Is 1 week. DX
(I actually wanna talk about my 1st week's activity but due to my short term memory, I actually forgotten everything =.=)

Talk about my short term memory, I really don't get it why.
So envy those people who has sucha good memory and don't even need to memorise things until like hell.
They just look through once and they already remembered everything! #WTF #ihatethem =.=
And when I do my revision on my Organic Chemistry yesterday, and today's Biology II,
seriously, I'd forgotten everything. EVERY.SINGLE.LITTLE.THING.
That's the so called short term memory. Get that? #FML one more time =.=
So if I'd forgotten your name, it's normal. #justkidding, I will just forgot what's not important for me. XD

*Sigh... I don't know how am I going to suffer the entire days of my life.
Study everyday? I thought it was easy.
But it's hard to do so cause I've lazy worms in my body. =.=
And now, just need to pray to have a bunch of kind and good and helpful new classmates and good lecturers next week! If not I'm really gonna #FML this time. =.=

Well. Done my nonsenses for today,
and WOW, my nonsense are long today. XD

I guess no one's gonna read every single little words I wrote in here or any of my entire posts, unless you're the one who cares and concerns about me, right? ;)

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