Thursday, 29 September 2011

A surprise party for SinTung. ♥

Yesterday was my shapo, SinTung's 18th birthday.
We decided to give her a surprise party on yesterday morning (12 a.m. XD)

Well, the plan started on last week.
Few of us discussed about the surprise plan such a long time but at the end, no results.
So I decided to plan myself and straightly discuss with her housemate a.k.a hometown-mate a.k.a best friend - WeiTang.

On Monday night, we try to avoid her from following us to dinner so that I can announce everything about this surprise party to everyone.
So the next day, we bought cake and some fun stuffs such as............
Yes!! Balloons!! Colourful right? XD

Tuesday night, after we bought cake, balloons, drinks and some 'pop pop',
we gathered at Miss Gan Gan's house since her house is the nearest to SinTung's house.
We prepare everything such as blow balloons/pump balloons so that we can hit her while giving her surprise XD (not to say hit her la haha.)
But we'd played a lot with it just like in the picture above. XD

[I combined the pictures together is because I'm lazy to upload 1 by 1 and another reason is because my line is slow and blogger is slow in uploading pictures!! == but I did upload all into my Facebook already :)]

3 of us (Me, SaiYee and Miss Gan Gan) so insane, playing with those balloons! XD

It's almost time. We got briefing first before we start our journey to avoid any mistakes. XD
I post this picture is because that can see me smile so prettily and clearly but others can't. (OMG =.=)
And actually, not so few people like in the picture only lah~ XD

Oh ya. We not just briefing, we still got rehearsal! XD
But that time we're too excited so didn't take pictures of it,
but luckily we got video that is taken by our camera man of the day. LOL.
Perhaps will repost it next time when I got the video from camera man. Heh.
Not forget to tell you that, the video of the whole journey used up 1.7GB of the memory, so I don't know how is he going to upload to Facebook or YouTube or what. =o

Okay. The journey starts.
We went to her house back door so that she won't know that someone opened the door.
To mention that, her house just left 2 person so she'll know that who's coming in and out from her house since her house door was so damn loud and noisy. =.= Thanks to her back door! XD
We prepare everything in the ground floor and WeiTang act that he forget to bring his auto-gate's key out so that SinTung will walk down from 3rd floor to open for him.
That time when she walk down and almost reach the door,
SURPRISE! *pop pop pop* *hit her with the balloons* *and she, with a not very surprise face =.=*
And another friend of her a.k.a hometown-mate a.k.a best friend bring her the cake that we bought to her, and we sang her birthday song! =D

Happy birthday Sin Tung! ♥♥♥
*She's so lucky that we bought her Secret Recipe's cake!!!!!!!!*

Okay, started to have pictures now and will often use pictures to tell story. XD

The birthday girl, in pyjamas, and luckily no messy hair. XD

Using her mouth to plug off those candles since we waited her for so long and the candles melted until so short. XD

And we started to eat cakes and started to tell her about the whole journey. XD
4 of us.
I'm too happy until I smile until no eyes. XD

With birthday girl a.k.a my shapo a.k.a SinTung.
*Grabbing lucks from her by standing very near to her. XDD*

She's like an idol to let everyone to take photos with her but they didn't get autographs from her. XD
(These are not everyone who attend the party. Some are too shy to take photos with her. x])

The girls.
We're so happy and insane! (especially the one who's holding the 'sunflower'. XD)

*Ignore the bullying part* 
I just wanna show that, I'm making a heart shape with that balloon. XD

 He's actually trying to block us, but he failed. XD

The perfect group photo.
(I mean everyone look nice in here but not saying everyone attended and it's perfect. =.=)

The hello kitty balloon that chose by me! But most of it has 'cacat' face or body. XD

After that, some of them were playing with those balloons.
Thought that will gonna have some games to play but everyone was tired and ALL OF US HAVE EARLY CLASS IN THE MORNING!!
But we had a lot of fun. And my plan was successful!! :DDD
Very thanks to WeiTang and TzeHeng on helping to check about the back door and for the phone credits to call her and being so mystery to her for 2 days and so on! :)
And also very thanks to those who tasted the cakes before buying from secret recipes on Monday! Thanks to your mouth and your last choice on that chocolate mud! *OMG XD*


Next day, we did something insane in our campus. x)



I love this!! My photography skill not bad what~ XD

At night we went to have dinner with classmates for SinTung's birthday dinner + Group 2 gathering! :D
Nothing much to say. Just after dinner, we went to night market to have a shop.
So just let us walk walk buy buy eat eat then go home. Of course we chat and joke a lot too. X)
And we took group photos again but it's unclear and not nice and dark and not nice and ugly and not beautiful....................................
I don't wanna post up, you care? XD jk.

Once again, happy 18 to Sintung although it's over already. XD
(cause idk how to end this post. =.=)
I love the happy moment with you guys...
I do appericiate the moment when we gather together!

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