Monday, 12 September 2011

My 1st sem break. ♥

Hello people! It's my 1st sem break now! :D
Well, just suffered back from 4 days of the bloody evil final exams,
and already went for 4 days fun too! XD
About the final exam, I really can feel the pressure of exams now.
Yup, I don't really feel it last time when SPM or whatever exams cause I don't care about them much. XD
Or perhaps I'd forgotten the feeling? Hah.Luckily it's just 4 days suffer! Time past really fast. XD

I went back to Penang on Thursday, that is after the last paper on 11a.m.
And follow up, Friday went to 1st avenue and Prangin Mall with ma' crazay sista! xD
Oh mai~ I did shopped a lot! So damn a lot!! *Sign~
Who call Kampar no shopping mall for me. XD 
In car, crazy shooting. *Spot our same shirts ;P*


The crazay rocker driver. Cool man~ XD

Outfit of the day.
Actually the top is sis's one, not mine. =X
But I like it much!

Yes, we're having Chatime! 8D
Aww I crave it much since the last time I leave Penang!
And now I'm craving for it again! DX

In a boutique in Prangin Mall. We bought a lot from this shop. =D

Love that day so much! Friday!
And both of us bought a new outfit for our iPhone too!
This is mine.
Yeap, HK again! XD
Actually I can see many shops already stop selling 3Gs' cases,
but luckily we entered this shop! So many HK cases! ♥♥♥
And others are blingy cases, not very nice if you dislike blingy things. xD

And this is my sis's! So damn nice right?! 8D
Is her birthday present from me in advance! XDD

Later night, went to Queensbay Mall with family to watch The Smurfs!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Oh Em Gee this movie's gonne be the top movie of the year!!!
I'm so smurfing smurf them!!
They're so smurfing cute!!!
*If you don't understand what am I talking about, just go and watch it and ya'll know! ;D*

IN 3D!!!! XD
The next day, Saturday, went Gurney Plaza to meet up my babehs Dongdong, QianXin and Weline.
And another purpose is to watch the K-pop talent contest Final!
And also to support 1 of my friend - Fish!

This is the view from my place. They're so sexy~! xD

Me and the 'girlish' dongdong. xD
Opps! I'd forgotten her name had changed to Jesea~ XDD

The 2 lengluis - QianXin and Weline!
*I'm too lazy to upload every single pictures up due to the problem of blogger =.=*

And just a short time of staying there, I still get to buy a top! XD
I'm so innnnsaneeeeee OHH MYY GEORGEEE!!! XDD *you may ignore me right now =X*

And oh ya! That day is my brother Leonard and my lil cousin Natasha's birthday!
At night we went to Tambun to have seafoods as dinner!

This is my cousin's birthday cake. I like that 2 pigs beside it!! XD
And don't me ask why my brother doesn't have any cake cause I also don't know why. ^^


Sunday! Went to SP for relative's wedding.
Early morning wake up went to E-gate's Paparich to have breakfast. (Expensive yet not nice =.=)
After that head to Cinta Sayang Resort.
I'm wearing mom's dress. Love it much!
(Aww can't see my high heels! XD)

She's the most beautiful mom in the world!
My family. I love them. I don't know what you guys think about me in this picture,
but I just know that the 1st sight of me in this picture is Cinderella's sister! DXI allow everyone of you LYAO (laugh your ass off) at me about this cause
I'm glad to have 前凸后翘!!! =PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

3 of us.
(can see my high heels here now. xD)
Nothing special actually.
Just like normal wedding dinner but just it's held in the afternoon so is wedding lunch. XD

The 3 vainer. XD

Using sis's iPhone 4 front camera to vain. Haha.

Continue vaining. Crazy both of us. LMAO! XD
Thanks for the photographer - My sis.

Crazy in the car while on the way home. XD

3 days in a row, playin' non-stop!!
Damn tiring now. But this feeling is better than boring at home just like in Kampar!!!! DX
Tonight's gonna movie again with cousins!!!
They're gonna accompay me cause my holiday just 1 week la weyy!!
Nyehaha~ And the coming days I'm really gonna 'jio~jio~jio~' my babehs out!!
No hang out also need 'yamcha kenggai'! I DON'T CARE!!! XDD

Have a nice day people!!
And Happy mid-autumn festival!! :)

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