Friday, 2 September 2011

Lumix. I want it ♥

I love the sunset.
I know it's not very nice but just let me happy for awhile please~ X(
Hey there people.
This is just a random post that suddenly comes up my mind after taking the picture above yesterday.
Why I wanna write about this? (about what =.=?)
Well, actually recently was craving for a type of camera, that is Lumix!
Oh, I mean is these 3 types below :



Seriously, I want 1 of these so damn much!!! Especially in pink colour. XD
I actually crave for this much more than a pink room, a pink car, a pink Mac book and whatever is it!!!!!
I really want it so much since I saw 1 of my rich friend using it!
The effect was damn nice~ Can fight with DSLR! (I guess? XD)
And it's just like the kind of "small size DSLR". I just love it!!!
It looks ore suitable for females.
And recently was in love with photo shootings!
If you followed my Twitter or Instagram you'll see that recently damn love to take pictures and edit pictures although I'm just using iPhone 3Gs now.

But the cost of these cameras......
I don't know is it real or not but I just know that it costs at least 2k something! DX
So damn expensive la weii... I'm just a student, and I'm not that rich. :'(

This is what I saw when I'm searching for the pictures of the cameras.
This man is testing for GF1. And that camera look so cute at here!
Aww... when is my turn to take this kind of pictures??! DX

The only way to get it, of course is save/earn more money!!
So, the first step, and it's also what our parents always said when we're young:
Study hard and get a good job with a high salary to earn many many money!! :D
Actually another reason of writing this post is,
I'd faced my books for the whole day!!
And I wanna relax myself for a while~ XD
Monday is my very 1st final exam in UTAR!
This whole week holiday just facing my notes, notes and notes...
I'm dying soon! DX
Stupid "black eye circle"!! I hate you!!
Anyway, pray for me please!! Thanks! XD
And another thing is I'd gone fat now! Dammit! Help me! DX
All is your fault la exams! T.T

I'm just to sharing at here. It's not your job to judge on writing anything here. :)

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