Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hello to my new semester! ;)

YO Wassup guys! XD
I'm so sorry that I didn't continue to update about mah activities in this sem break!
It's because my time is fully booked (not really), and I'm sick, and I'm lazayy!! =X
And now I'm back to Kampar and my new trimester has started! DX
Luckily just have lecture classes this week so that I have time to update mah blog now! ;D
But let me continue talk about mah sem break 1st before my new trimester post. :)

Monday night went to watch Cars 2 with cousins after updated my previous post. XD
Quite nice. But I didn't know that it's already release for weeks. =.=
Nowonder that time so few people watch. =_=
Outfit of da day~ *Wearing new shoes XD*

Tuesday, I actually forgotten what have I done in this day. =.=
*Checking mah Twitter...*
Oh ya. I was playing Facebook games whole day - The Sims Social and The Smurfs & Co.
LOL nothing to do and saw everyone in Facebook are playing these games.
It's not fun actually! But that's how they gave the addiction to the players and they earned!
But I'm quiting now! (I guess? XD)
At night, went out with a grumpy angry face and mood because my mom is buying my brother Pee Ass 3!!!!
WTH this is so wasting money and time!
Hey! We're not rich ya'know?! Learn to think please bro! *Sigh...

Wednesday, morning went to see doctor for my face.
My acne ish sho sherious now! COL! (cry out loud) D'X
My target is to heel it by this year! NO MATTER HOW!!!
But why doctor gave me antibiotics to eat?! Still need to eat for a month!! T___T
I HATE EU, evilly antibiotics! Why I still can't get rid off u now?! T.T
Afternoon went to Sunshine Farlim supermarket with my lovely granny and mommy~
It's raining heavily that time, and floods everywhere!!
Luckily the rain stopped, if not I guess I won't get to continue my outings with my buddies!
At night, went to Prangin Mall meet QianXin and Weline,
then together with TKF, go to Straits Quay to find Bailey BoonYan.
After Bailey's work at around 10.30pm, we went to coffee island to yamcha and chitchat gossip!!
Oh ya! A new friend joined us too but it's a guy, Charles. XD
We talked so much about our past memories! Of course are the happy moments in school!
Damn happy that night :)
Vain! *Spot mah nails XD*

In a boutique's fitting room.
Mom bought me a jeans here, and I know it's damn expensive! X(

Outfit of da day.
Love that top damn much. Dare not to bring it to Kampar. XD

Pretty Weline and me.
You gone prettier now, Weline! :D

Bailey and me.
Left is taken from mah iPhone and Right is taken from QianXin's iPhone front camera.
You gone thin now, Boon! XDD

QianXin and me.
You gone prettier and thin now! LMAO!

TKF and me. 
You cannot thin anymore! Hana hana gone endao liao la! XDD

They're my onions. Because they always make me cry? XD

Thursday, morning went back to my high school.
It actually changed a lot of things! (not really a lot. =.=)
The countdown machine =.=
Luckily I'm graduated!
This damn stupid thing make everyone feel so pressure lahh XDD
But it make the school seem so high tech. LOL!
Taken by WenQi to post on foursquare.
Nice view from the canteen, so I posted it out ;)

1 of mah favourite food in high school canteen! TomYam Maggie!!
I almost ate it every morning before SPM. XD
UHS's Utarian in UHS's new toilet! XD
From left, me, Rebecca, WenQi and XiaoHui.
Except for eating our high school foods, we also went back to take our school magazine that we'd paid for it last year.
After that, went home. Feeling unwell that time so have a nap.
Evening, went to 1st avenue to meet my dear JingYan! :D
Suppose our plan is to sing K @ Redbox but end up we went to watch Johnny English Reborn since it just released the 1st day!
It's so damn nice la wey! Feel like watching again now!! XD

Mah outfit of da day~ ♥♥♥
It's HELLO KITTY all the way!!!
Can you see that can you see that???! XD
Hello kitty top hello kitty bag and hello kitty iPhone case! XDD

But the thing I regret the most on this day is
I'm sorry Yan! T.T
And another thing is I can't grab chatime that day cause I think I'd gone sick!! :'(
Wanna know it? I don't wanna let you know here. =P
Ask me if you want! ;)

Friday, it's Malaysia day! non of my business.
No plans on that day cause I'm sick! I HATE EU Fever!
Luckily mom didn't ask me to go to see doctors. =.=
Yup, I HATE MEDICINES! Who doesn't ==?
Well, sleep for the whole morning. Luckily can recover within a day. Phew~

Saturday, went to Gurney Redbox with Onions again!
As usual, we shout! But luckily this time I didn't lost my sound. XD
Bailey, QianXin, KarWei and me.
[Grabbed from QianXin's facebook. XD]

Weline was absent due that she's sick and she has other things to do,
and TKF has working on that day. Too bad :(
Nevermind! There's still got many chances to hang out together! Right? ;D
Love you guys so much! ♥♥♥

At night, went to a charity dinner with family @ Sunshine Square.
Lazy and nothing to describe that night but I had a very great dinner with family before went back to Kampar.

With mommy.

With Granny.
婆婆我看到你在暗笑~ XD

Sunday, early early morning already went back to Kampar.
Went to Tesco to have lunch 1st and perhaps to buy some stuffs before mom leaves.
Hmm... not many things to say too actually.
Just the line here so damn lag for the whole day!
I can't do anything with that stupid line and it's raining, but watch Despicable Me! PAPOY! XD
And prepare stuffs that going to bring to campus next day. :))


And I got a new bag for it~ ;D
Alright. My Monday class started at 12pm. YAY I can sleep late. XD
But due to Degree students are examing so the bus schedule was arranged. =.=
We waited for the bus for almost an hour! Damn you bus driver ==
Don't ask me why I didn't ride my bicycle cause it's raining cats and dogs that time! ==
Well, so far my lecture classes are great. Temporary can catch every thing. (almost) :D
And finally I can see my shapos after this 1 week sem break! XD
Everyone cut their hair except for me. =.=
And last night had a great dinner with my classmates... oh i mean my sem 1's classmates. Now we're just some classes' classmates. DX

Alright. I think I spoke too much. Well, who cares!? That's me! ;)
Lalala~ BYE-BYE! Lazy to end with a nice sentences dy XD

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