Sunday, 28 August 2011

Rainy August. ♥

Hey people. It's been raining for few day... nonono, is few weeks! *Sigh...
Alright. If you read about my previous post, I'd mentioned that I'm attending the Wilber Pan's Mini Concert in my campus.
As I promise I will post about it and sorry for the delay! :P

17 August 2011
Afternoon went to SinTung's house for the preparation of the presentation that we're going to present in 2 more days!!
After that, ZhiJun fetched me and SaiYee to school around the time 5.30pm.
And actually I didn't know that still quite many people attending this event. O.O
The time we need to arrive is 6.30pm, but 5.30pm already so damn many people lining up!
Luckily we're not that late.
In ZhiJun's car. [Left] ZhiJun and me; [Right] SaiYee and me.

The crazy girl again. XD

These are what we bought from the students that selling foods.
It's called 'Potato fries'(番薯条) cause it's made from potatoes and it's in fries' shape.
I can said that, it's made from students. =.=

At first, we thought that if we bought the album and we can stand nearer to the stage,
but at the end, DiGi user only can stand in the nearer zone!
What the... That means, those who didn't bought the album also can stand in front?!!
Yeah I'm actually a digi user, but the other 2 are not. =.=
I rather stand with them, high together with them but not standing in front alone and crowd with other people.
Dammit. Won't believe in this sucks thingy anymore.

While waiting for the show starts, of course we must find something to do...
Photo shooting! XD
Non stop capturing. Vain dao~~ XD

Don't be shock. This is what we often did. XD

Luckily SaiYee brought her Rocky so that we got things to eat.
*Keep on promoting Rocky XD*

Waited until around 8 something, Wilber's still not here, but the emcee, Jym Chong was here to entertain everyone.
I'm not interested at all cause he just interact with those who standing in front. =.=
It's totally like non of my business. =.=
So, standing behind do my own stuffs. XD
Can see from here, I'm standing in front of the wall. =.=

The Emcee - Jym Chong. The real person is not as handsome as in the TV show. XD

Starting to vain again. XD

Keep on learning my iPhone apps on editing photos while boring. XD

Alright, around 8.30pm, finally Wilber Pan has reached.
Everyone thought that he just will sing around 3 to 4 songs cause it's just a mini concert,
but at the end he sang 6 to 7 songs. (i didn't count =.=)
And some lucky girls and guys can go up stage to interact with him.
The real fans of him were so jealous of them. I guess there's nothing happen to the lucky stars right? XD (ignore this =.=)
 This is the view from me. So sad.
But listening to his live show was not that bad. :D
Didn't know that his voice was so nice. XD

Well, all the photos taken by me on him performing were so bad quality and can't even see anything,
so I guess I'm not posting up to here due to lazy. =X
But I did posted up to my Facebook. :)

After an hour, the autography season started!
Luckily me and SaiYee fast enough to line up in front. XD

The worst thing ever is they dont allow us to take camera or phones out to capture him that time!
And the worst worst thing is, when that so damn 'yong suey' lady asked me to keep away my phone without a manners, I DROPPED MY PHONE! @#$%^&*
And the worst worst worst thing is, she said that's why I must keep my phone!
TMD if is not you ask me to keep my phone, will I drop it?!! eff you idiot!!
Okay, not the time for me to fed up. Continue my story.
At the end, not just get his autographs, and still get to shake hands with him! XD

These are the hands that after shaked hands with him! XD

His autograph! Actually I don't even know what's he 'drawing' on it. Not even a name. XD

Well. That's all about wilber pan's story.
After that, we went to Each-A-Cup with 3 other classmates too.
Our actual purpose is to discuss about our next semester's timetable,
but at the end, it became the time for us to chatting and gossiping. XD
Quite happy that night, but we went home at 1 in the morning. XD
I still remember the next day I'm late for class. =X
Edited from my iPhone again. Seriously addicted. XD

======================The most beautiful Parting Line XD======================

Next on, what am I going to talk about?
Hmm, after wilber pan's concert, PRESENTATION on Friday.
Nothing to say about actually, just feel a bit nervous.
Although satisfied with my performance, but the marks came out so damn...... zzz =.=
Skip on!

[Monday] The war day. XD
Actually is day for us to register our next sem timetable.
After class, went MCD for dinner with classmates and after that straightly to cyber cafe.
It's my first time went to cyber cafe!
Just knew that the line was great and so many games there! XD
And why must I go to cyber cafe to register my next sem timetable??
It's because that we need to choose our own time, and to choose a perfect time, we need to SNATCH for it! GRAB for it! FIGHT for it! that's why it's known as a war. XD
Luckily, I'm so lucky! I'd registered the time perfectly!
100% same as my plan. SATISFIED :)))))

======================The most beautiful Parting Line XD======================

It's nearly the end of August,
which means it's almost the end of my 1st semester.. I guess it ended. :(
Time flies like an aeroplane.
Yesterday is our very last classes.
Actually the last class should be on next week, but it's due to the 3 days holiday next week, so lots of the classes were replaced earlier, so it becomes a whole week holiday for us!
The good is, we can use the whole week to study for our coming final exams!
But the bad is, we less 1 week to attend classes together with my beloved 'shapos' and classmates! X(
And I can't get to go back to Penang cause I don't think I can concentrate on my studies there!
So, whole week here just to face books at here! (not Facebook =.=)
(But I'd wasted 1 day at here on doing my blog... Can you see the changes?! XD)

Yesterday took a lot of pictures with my classmates and not lack of my 2 'shapos'!


With Jin Feng.

Really shapos... Aren't we? XD

Lots of love ♥ ♥ ♥

My classmates with my Biology 1 Lecturer, Miss Stella.
Some were absent, and they're stupid cause last day ponteng! XD

3 of us with Miss Stella.

Crazy us with our Critical Thinking Lecturer, Miss Amutha. 

We're so insane! XD

4 of us = 'dai kah jeh' XD (4 slaves behind us XD jkjk~)


That's all for the pictures.
Some I didn't post up here due to the current stupid noob line makes me can't upload many pictures.
Just view them in my Facebook! :)

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