Sunday, 7 August 2011

A long absence to my iPhone apps. ♥

*I love her new specs!*

It's been a long time that I didn't use my iPhone to Facebookin', Tweetin', Checkin'-in and Updatin'!
Don't ask me why. I don't know how to explain. =.=
And today, I'm back to Facebook for iPhone, Twitter for iPhone, foursquare for iPhone and even instagram!
Started to 'ki-hiao', took many pictures and edit edit edit edit edit! Addicted XD
And ohya. My whole family came here to visit me today!
Miss them so much~ and vain a lot with my sister today. XD

The hairstyle of the day. ♥
Love it much. Learnt it from YouTube.

And guess how we spent on Tesco today.
Nice one. Almost 50% is my things,
20% is my friend's and 30% is my family's.
Imma fan of Tesco. =.=

Okay. I know it's not the time for me to stay at here.
But I'm so lazy to touch my books! T.T
It's Sunday night now!!! *Shyt*
Can't accept that the week from tomorrow onward is my tests week! T.T

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