Monday, 15 August 2011

Ipoh day. ♥

The style of the day.

Hello people! It's been weeks or months that I didn't get to wear nice short pants to shopping!
And last Saturday, me and my 3 shapos decided to go to Ipoh for movie and shoppings after the 3 bloody evil tests on Friday! 8D

From behind: Fish, MissGanGan, SinTung and Me. =)
We went Ipoh by bus and after that, Miss GanGan's sis fetch us to Kinta City.
Waited for the bus from 8.30am to 9.30am. =.=

The bus ticket. It's my 1st time to sit this kind of bus. (except for Rapid Penang ==) 
It cost us RM7.50 for 2 trips. (back and forth)
My 3 Shapos a.k.a GossipGirlGang. XD

Let me vain for awhile larhh~ x)

We went there for 1 hour and after reached Kinta City, we rushed up to the cinema TGV cause the movie that we wanna watch is starting in 15 minutes! (and too excited.) XD
Luckily there's still a lot of seats due to it's too early. XD

We watched the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

It's nice and meaningful!
I didn't get any chances to laugh at all while watching this movie. It's so serious. =|
After the movie, we went for lunch @ Takahashi Cafe, a Japanese Restaurant in Kinta City.

My 2 leng lui shapo.

Fishy Lau looks like our mother in these pictures. XD

Fish is always the one who's crazy...(active la XD)

This 3 become apes after watching the Apes movie. XD

See what this active girl love to do. XD

4 of us w/ our drinks. My hair is damn messy that time. =.=

These are our foods. I love the soup that have cheese on top of it!

After finish our lunch, SHOPPING TIME!
We wish to shop lika shopaholic but we're lack of $$$!!! :'(
Forgotten which shop we're in that time
but we didn't forget to 'tumpang' their big mirror! XD

In Jusco. Since we're there so straightly buy our daily products back.

Our stuffs. Almost bankrupt after this. XD
 In MissGanGan's sister's car.
 On the way back to bus stop. Bye-bye Ipoh. :'(((

After we reached Kampar.. wait, I must say that the bus didn't stop in New Town!
We reached the old town bus stop with a weird feeling. ==
But luckily 1 of our classmate Angeline, who has her own car can fetch us back to New Town.
And that's all for our day in Ipoh.

On the same day at night, our class have a gathering in the restaurant Vegas.
In a previous post, I'd mentioned this restaurant before.
Yes! The biggest burger in town! Do you still remember? XD 
This picture is not taken on that day cause it's too dark that time.
That night rained. And there's 13 of us attending this gathering,
so they give us sit outside under the shelter.(雨中晚餐……喷雨喷到我半死!==)
Oh well, I'm too lazy to describe all.
Although is under the bad surrounding but it doesn't affect me much. ;P
We chatted for few hours.
Some is to wait the rain stops and go back,
some is want to gossip and chit-chat together since we unable to gather together at the other time. (that's me. ^^)
It's fun. And I laughed for few hours, sorethroats the next day. =.=
Okay now let you guys view the photos of that day! :)
Pee/asS: All the pictures are from classmate's, and I just post those have me. :)

Taken by Angeline.
She said she wanna take me holding umbrella eating. Weird dao! XD

I love this picture! It was just like :
“咱二人 做阵拿着一支小雨伞~”
(if you listen the song ‘一支小雨伞’ before~ XDXD)
Can you see the rain is splashing me softly?!! (of course you can't =.=")
Luckily I brought my little purple umbrella~ (not pink la wey! =~=)

And now, ""全家福""! XD
Take #1 - Everyone w/ normal pose.
This is where we sit, outside the restaurant under the shelther. ==
And it's too dark until cant see, it's been edited!

Take #2 - w/ crazy pose! (it's just girls, boys are to serious =.=)

Take #3 -  Place changed due to very dark.

 Take #4 - It's the same as Take #3. XD

That's all for the day.
I hope that next semester still can be in the same class with them larh! :'(
Don't feel like meeting new friends... DX

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