Saturday, 2 July 2011

Happy sad study life.

Hey there people! It's July now! ;)

Suppose that I'm not going to do anything except for STUDYING in this weekend...
But end up, I'm here, saying hello to you guys! XD
I love my blog, and I miss it so much, so I do some updates on it! ;P

Well, what's about my title? Happy sad study life? Hmm... =\
Actually, I'm happy that I'm in my current class.
Everyday I'll be happy because of my funny friends around me in my class,
and my timetable is nice enough!
But homeworks, reports, assignments and tests are the only exceptions!
Damn the reports, it's killing me!! And my classmates too~

Luckily this weekend don't have any reports to do...
And another thing is, tests started!
Just finished 2 test in this week, that is Bio 1 Test 1 and Maths 1 Test 1...
Pray that the tutors who mark my test paper can give me some sympathy marks on my 'random scribbles'! =.="
And next week, I'm going to face 2 more evil test,
that is Physical Chemistry Test 1 and Mechanics Test 1!
Gonna be hardworking from now onwards for my future!!
I'm afraid that I can't pass  through all my foundation test and exams. :'(

Alright. Let me share some photos about my life and my friends. ;)

I'm officially a UTARian! (sorry for mosaic-ing my photo cause it's really too ugly to show out. XD)

[Left]Sick of study life. :'(
[Right]Written by Xiaohui. Vain is still a vain. XD

These are my cute classmates. 4 of us will always be together in school. XD
[Up] SinTung and ZhiJun.
[Down] Me and the most playful SaiYee.
Don't see that she's funny and playful, she's very good in her academic!

Our 1st dinner together at Tsing Hua.
[Up] ZhiJun and LuShing (miss gan gan XD)
[Down] Me, SinTung and SaiYee.

Oh ya! From this pic shown, we've got a name for that lizard in our school!
It's name is 'little endao'! XD
Cause in my class got a guy's nickname is 'endao' (endao=Handsome)
I don't know why they called him endao but I think among our classmates, he's the most endao one. XD
And I also don't know why they known the lizard as endao's brother, Little Endao.
So, we took the picture and tell let our classmates know that we met Little endao in cafeteria today! XD
(We actually have a group in Facebook that's for our classmates to share somethings and chat inside)
And yesterday we met little endao in the river again! It's swimming happily! XD

This is what I did in Mechanics' lecture class.
Seriously, I dislike that lecturer's teaching style.
Therefore, I'm not concentrating! Opps! =X

And this is what she paid back for me after doing her hair until like 'siaozhabor'.
Nice pun la actually~ but if I go out like this is really a 'siaozhabor'! XD

The crazy girl, LauSaiYee (dead fish), a.k.a Yu Lau (old fish XD).
She always act funny, but it's not ugly! XD
(Cause when I always act funny, it's ugly! ==)

SaiYee taught me a sentences in Cantonese: "鼻屎笑眼屎" (mean 五十步笑百步)
Therefore, from that time onwards, both of us are either 鼻屎 or 眼屎,
The name of the photo above is '鼻屎挖鼻屎'. XD
(I know is disgusting, but we said that for some fun only! XD)

Both of us are insane, shoes also wanna take photo! XD

Except from the pictures above,
we actually had more fun than these a lot!
Just too bad that we didn't take down all the pictures...
Just like yesterday, because of SaiYee's rapping on the mechanics' stuff, we laughed like hell!
Can't forget about it! XD
I don't feel like changing class after semester 1!!
I don't feel like leave my current classmates..
But it's a fate... Just hope we can still be in the same class... :(

Well, will update more about my Kampar life when I'm free!
Good luck to me in my coming test! XD

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