Sunday, 31 July 2011

The 2nd and the last post of July.

Hey there! It's the end of July, and there's just only 2 posts in my blog for this month! XD
Well, let me just briefly tell you about my life in July.
(It's very long ==)

It's the 1st time that I sit bus + ferry back to Penang on the 2nd Friday of July. (but not the 1st time that sit bus and ferry =.=)
Both of us using laptop in the bus. xD
On the ferry. Yea, my big small eyes =.=
And realized that my hair style changed?
Of course is due to I slept in the bus. XD

Me and WenQi = Vain. XD

The most report for us to do in this month.. I mean full report that is included in our exam marks.
Experiment time! =D
SinTung, Me, SaiYee, ZhiJun.
Biology practical class. POTATOES! =P

Chemistry practical class. I love the colour changes! XD

Bio class again! The microscope is better that secondary school one XD

And let's see what we saw under it... 
Onion cells! 2D on the left and 3D on the right. XD

With colour.

Left hand side is our group's onion cells, and the right hand side is the potato... (I guess? ==)

Guess what are these??
Left hand side is SinTung's hair! And right hand side is JinFeng's white hair. LOL!

And this is when we're suffering with those Report's discussions!!
(Not from SaiYee's face, but SinTung's face. XD)

It's the month that I ate the most 'sampah'! I mean... Junk foods and unhealthy food. That's why I can't wear my short pants now. T.T

#1. Ice-blended with CREAMSS!!! It's just RM2.00!
Go and grab a cup in the Pasar malam in Kampar every wednesday! :D

#2. Starbucks! It's been a long time that I didn't get to enjoy it.
Thanks to WenQi for the Buy 1 Free 1 voucher! XD

#3. The food I always eat in economy rice - Hot Dogs!
But of course the picture above is not from the economy rice stall. =.=
It's from our campus's student.
They have a small stall that is selling this and Pearl Milk Tea.
I didn't try the Milk Tea because I wanna save money!
But to support them, and to treat myself better, so I bought their Hot Dogs. =P
It's nice! I'm gonna grab it again next week! (Aww I'm hungry now T.T)

#4. Wafer! The ice-cream that 3 of us love the most.
It's tasty and it's just cost RM1.00!
I can eat 2 in a row, and this time I'm gonna try 3 in a row!
That's why I can't be thin. =____=...zzZ

#5. Mambo burger!! The biggest burger in town!!
Can't compare how big it is? I'll show you now!

Taadaa!! Yup. It's that big.
4 of us shared 1 big mambo.
It's special and the most important, it's tasty!
The whole thing cost RM26.90 (if I didn't remember wrongly),
and each of us just need to pay around 6-7 and we can eat until FULL FULLLL!
Go and try it now!
But better go earlier cause I heard someone told me that the workers told them that need to phone to book for that mambo burger.
Luckily we're the 1st costumer on that day!! XD
(view more pictures about in my facebook.)

#6. Roti KLCC!
The 1st time that I went to mamak after move in to Kampar.
And actually the purpose is to study + eat,
but at the end... as know la~ XD

#7. Look what we bought after pasar malam.
CharKoayTeow Jelly Pie Cake CheeCheongFun Fruits and so on.
Except for the fruits, all are so fat and unhealthy!
But actually the purpose we went to pasar malam on that day is to buy DURIANS!
Ohh my! So damn long time that I didn't eat durians already! 
(Model with Durian: SaiYee. XD)

#8. MCD Sundae cone and CAKES! *Spot me in the picture.* XD
The last time that I ate birthday cake is on my birthday.
And finally I get to eat at here! XD
It's my classmate, Wen Jet's birthday on Friday.
And the guys in my class plan to celebrate for him @ MCD.
(Actualy I'm the only girl at there =~=")
Although I didn't talk with him before (=="),
but the purpose I join them is to grab Sundae Cone and cake! XD
You don't need to see who's that birthday guy,
you just need to know that the cake is chosen by me! XD
Tasty la! LOL!

And oh ya!
This month is the month that I 1st time take pictures with my idol!
9/7 - Went to Sunshine Farlim for the ASQ Top 5!
Obviously I'm back to Penang that time. ==
And guess which one that I support? :D
I'm standing in the front middle of the stage! XD

The Top 5!
1 word to describe them - STRONG! :o

They singing the song 飞.

I love this picture damn much! She's smiling at my camera! XD

Having live signatures! Licus, Kim and my favourite Geraldine!


It's Geraldine!

And the other 4.

And again! ♥
Actually I went for a hair cut before that.
So my hair looks so weird that day. =/
And another thing is, I saw I'm in the newspaper post about this event!
But I'd forgotten which newspaper is it already. DX

16/7 - ASQ Final in PISA!
If you followed about this TV show, you'll know that the one that I support is the Champion! XD
Aww she's awesome! ♥

Me and DongDong before enter the stadium.

This is the view from my place at first, but I changed to Rock Zone at the end. ==

Spot the 3 Cruisers. XD

I love she wearing this dress!

Geraldine, Geraldine and Geraldine!

That's what we called Supporters.

And Finally I get to take picture with Min! 

Well, I think that's all for that.
Tests are around the corner, so I guess I won't update my blog until I'm really free.
Bye then! :)

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