Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A month in Kampar.

Hey there people!
Sorry for didnt update my blog for few weeks~
And I guess you guys know that why I can't update my blog...
even Facebook also can't stay very long! DX

Well, it's been a month that I'm staying in Kampar!
But I felt it was just like a year! ._.
In this month, had a lot of fun with friends. (not counting the study part)
Of course, I met new friends in my class.
It's just 20+ people in a class - Boys nearly 70% and girls less than 40%. =\
They're kinda funny tough!
Their personality quite similar with the classmates in my form 5 class! =D
Beside's that, I learnt that how to take a knife and how to cook! XD

Not bad what my food~  LOL!
And I wont hungry die when I'm lazy to go out to eat! XD

Okay now! Gonna busy with my homeworks now!
And I won't be update my blog often. (I know I said this for so many times already.)
Bye there! ;)

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