Saturday, 4 June 2011

A boring day.

It's the 2nd Saturday after I moved in to Kampar.
Last weekend went back to Penang.
This weekend, I don't feel like going back anymore cause waste of petrol.
But due to my friends around me went back to Penang,
my weekend is so damn boring! DX

Well, yesterday my mom, grandma and bro came in to visit me and bring me some stuffs that I need.
Then, she brought me to Ipoh to repair my new printer.
I bought it last week when I was in Penang and I don't know what happened with it after I brought it here.
But actually there's nothing wrong, is just I don't know how to activate it. =.=
After that, went to Jusco Ipoh then Tesco Kampar shopping for a while.

Today, I thought I will wake up at 12, but 9. ==
Bath, wash clothes, eat, homework...
I now understand what's the hardness of form 6, A-levels and FOUNDATION!
Oh no~ I can't even understand so much from every subjects! T.T
But I still gotta move on! I don't want to let my mom dissapoint on me!
Okay back to topic. =.=
After homework, surrender on it. XD
Online also nothing to do!
Facebook, I'm bored with it!
Twitter, I don't want to spam others!
Weibo, too lazy! =_=
Tumblr, why nothing to let me reblog de?!?!
UTAR webpage, nothing new!
WBLE, why they didn't update the latest notes?!
YouTube, I don't know what to watch! =.=
What else? Min's forum? I don't want to be the only one to talking with myself. =~=
(Realized that people like to use dark blue colour as their logo sign. =.=)
Alright. Clean my room then!!
Every time after I finish sweep this part, that part that I swept before dirty again! WTF!
End up, my room is still dirty. But at least much better then yesterday.
After that, it's 5pm. Called to delivery my dinner.
Cheese Fish Rice. Kinda nice actually, but I feel like vomiting out the cheese!
I can't finish it. =.=
Then, ride my bicycle to change something on my bicycle.
Finally~ I got a bicycle that is easy to ride on it!!
Before yesterday, I was lazy to ride my bicycle cause it's too heavy for me!!!
And now~ I can ride it anytime and to anywhere I want to go~
And I don't need to worry on riding bicycle at night or midnight anymore,
cause I did put on the lights for my bicycle too~ ;D
Then after that, went back home, online blogging since I've nothing to do. =.=

Well, tomorrow my cousin and her family is visiting me too!
And I'm following them to Lost World, Tambun!!!
OMG I can't believe my mom actually allow me to follow them to Lost World!!!
Last time my cousin always went there or either Cameron Highland with family on school holidays,
and I always can't get to follow although I was free on that day. ;(
Ohh~~ I'm so excited laaa!!! XD
Can't wait to swim and play with them! And also sunburn? LOL!
Perhaps my skin colour will be totally different after tomorrow. XD

Okay. That's all what I want to say!
Gotta be very busy from next week onwards and won't be update my blog often.
Bye! :)

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