Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The 18th Candle Party. (Part II)

It's June! :D
Okay, continue my post about my 18th candle party~ :D
That party held on 21st is with my beloved friends.
Whatta bout my family? Of course I did celebrate with them, but no cake for me if with family.
After I went back to Penang on the 27th,
my brother asked me to go for movie with him cause no one wants to watch the movie he likes. XD
Well, we watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 at Gurney Plaza GSC.
It's nice than episode 1 actually. XD

On the real day (28/5/2011), my whole family decided to hang out together.
We went to Gurney Plaza again to eat at Xuan Xin Restaurant.
Long queue due to it's Saturday.
And I knew it from my Facebook friends, actually there's a lot of friends' father has a same birthday with me! =O
Well, nowonder that day traffic jam everywhere cause every family wants to celebrate their father's birthday. =\
Grandma : "Why today everywhere traffic jam I also don't understand."
Me : "Because it's my birthday! :D"
Grandma : "Yea you're right! =D"
Back to topic!
After finished eating dinner, movie time!
We watched Kungfu Panda 2 in 3D!!!
Sitting beside of cousin, Natalie. :D
Actually I didnt watch the 1st episode before, but I can say that episode 2 was very nice!
Recommend to watch it. ;)
After finish watching, went home of course. And my 1st day of 18 ended.
Oh ya! I need to thanks to those people who wished me in Facebook or Twitter or Test message and so on!
Thanks to these amount (plus plus) of humans! ;D

And another thing that shocked my mind is...
It's MIN! She wished me in Facebook~
I'm so damn Happy!! XD
It's a very great birthday present this year~ XD
But too bad that I can't her 21st birthday celebration this year.
It's on this weekend!! DX
So sorry about that Min~ :(

Well, I got a very last birthday present,
that is from my beloved friend and she's now staying next door in my hostel. XD
Thanks to WenQi for giving me this cute lil Angel Cup!
I need it so badly~ XD
Okay. That's all for my 18th Candle.
Once again, thanks everyone! :D
Will continue update about my life in Kampar soon. ;)

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