Thursday, 26 May 2011

My New Life. ♥

I guess everyone know that where am I staying now after seen my Facebook profile. :D
Yes. I just moved in to Kampar on Monday.
"Why?" View my facebook profile again la noob! XD
And I'm sorry that I didn't get to update my birthday party post and this post, until today.

Well, today is the 4th day in Kampar.
The school haven't start yet actually, but went to orientation days at school.
The amount students in foundation was just like the amount of Penang people. =~=
LOL! Not so many la actually. Maybe half? O.O
But I just can describe that it's sooooooo damnnnnn a lot laarh!! XD
If you know about the life in kampar,
you'll know that how's our transportation in here.
Yes! We go everywhere by riding bicycle! XD
I'm too lucky to get this! Ya'know why? (Of course you don't know why ==)
Cause I don't need to go to the shop to search for a good 2nd hand bike.
After I check-in to my hostel on Monday,
suddenly met a family that is going back to their hometown.
And the mother said "Today is new student come in? Anyone need a bicycle?"
I look at my mom and she look at me too. Of course we need it!
It's actually quite big for me, but the owner said that she just ride few times before only.
Is quite new also. So they sell us RM150 for this. (original price - RM300)
It's worth actually, and I heard someone said that mine this kind is good kind of bike, RM150 is worth ttm! XD
I'm so damn lucky! Gotta appereciate it a lot.

But I actually thought that riding bicycle is as easy as driving a car,
but after I ride to Tesco on Tuesday, I regret that why I don't wanna buy an electircal bicycle. T.T
My mom asked me before whether I want the electrical one or not, but I rejected.
Cause I wont get to exercise if I use the electrical one. REGRET TTM!!! DX

Okay now. I guess I won't be very free to update my blog in here after this week.
Tomorrow I'm going back to Penang! XD
I'm coming home~ I'm coming home~ Tell the world that I'm coming home~ XD
And all the photos we took in here will be upload to the Facebook.
Just go and view the photos of me there. :)

Lastly, let you guys to take a look at my room!
But this is taken on Tuesday, will be different on next week! XD
My bed! Still hello kitty! XD Anyone can beat me? ;P

My cupboard and study table. :)

3 of us playing in WenQi's room. :D

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