Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My New Laptop. ♥

Last few days went to PC Fair to look for a new laptop for my studies.
And I can't believe I bought a Toshiba Brand's laptop!

This is nice! Love the colour!
And the price was not as expensive as I thought!
And the best thing is, they gave us many free gifts! =D
Some stall said they don't give so many free gifts is because they don't want us to have so many sampah in our house that did not use.
Ya, that's right. So I choose the 11 gifts' stall but not the 20 gifts' stall. XD
Oh my~ I'm so gonna love my new Reddy laptop from now onwards! XD
Whatta bout my old pinky?
Hmm, my mom ask my to gave it to my aunt from Singapore since her computer was spoilt my me few years ago. =___="
Alright. I don't feel to sell it out too, cause we'd already built our relationship for 3 years already. x)

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