Thursday, 19 May 2011

5S3 Gathering. ♥

14 May 2011.Last Saturday went to Golden Steamboat BBQ for gathering with my form 5 classmates.
The food was nice, quite many choices, and also ice-creams too! XD
Lazy to describe many many. Let the pictures tell the story. :D

Hello! I'm Nicole da' Yie! x)

Huai Theng , Cheryl , Me.

(Top) Cheryl , Me
(Bottom) Xiao Hui, Sze Yong, Jia Yen.

 Me, Huai Theng, Xiao Hui. LOL for us. xD

Happy chit-chatting with Cheryl! XD

Group photo #1. Normal pose.
(less XiaoBai and ShiauMin)

Group photo #2. Silly face 1.
(less XiaoBai and ShiauMin too)

Group photo #3. Silly Face 2.
(less XiaoBai and ShiauMin three ==")

After finished our steamboat, we decide to went for shopping at New World Park.
And I only realized that New World Park's stuff are nice!

Xiaohui, Me with sunglasses, Cheryl with the bag that she wanna buy @ Shoepoint.
 (That sunglasses I wore is also from that shop's. XD)

After Cheryl bought her bag, head to another shop.
Sampat us. XD

Childish us. Still 3 of us. XD

Before I went back.

After I went back, they went to Old Town to play poker. LOL
And that's all with the gathering.
Having a happy moment with old pals feels great! :D
When is our next gathering? LOL. #

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