Monday, 9 May 2011

The 1st week of May.

Opps! It's th e 2nd week of May now. Sorry for the late update. ^^"

3rd May 2011.
Went to Redbox, 1st avenue with Ev, Dongdong, Fish and Danson.
As usual, sing and shout, until sorethroat.
And they gave us the time from 2pm-6pm. XD

Yie, Ev, Fish, Dong.

The spiderman! Or superman? Wonder women? IDK =X

I love this room damn much! It's just next to our room! But why don't they give us this room?! T.T


5 May 2011.
Outing with my team - HER!
That's me, JingYan and Dongdong's group. XD
U know why we named it as HER?
Cause we felt that 3 of us has the same style as S.H.E.
Me: long hair, like Selina;
JingYan: short long hair, like Hebe;
and Dongdong: style like Ella!
But I need to mentioned that, our personallity are totally different from them!
Please don't misunderstood. ^^"

Okay, continue my topic.
We went to Neway, Queensbay.
It's another singing outing!
This time they gave us from 1pm-5.15pm,
but the end, they 6.15pm only come in to keep money and stop our songs. LOL!
And dongdong brought Fish to join us singing. =D
It's very worth in Neway compare to Redbox!!
It's just RM10 for student, and include lunch and drinks!
I will always visit Neway if my house is near to Queensbay! but it's not. T.T

This is what I ate! Sausage with salads and Milk Tea.
Don't get shock that I brought my bottle out cause I wanna be healthy. x)
Actually it's not my lunch, cause I didn't expect that they have this service! =D

Guess who's shoes are these?!
Ya, it's my body, but it's not my shoes.
It's Fish's shoes!
Cute right?! The dinosour's feet! XD
They told me that got pink colour one!
I want!! XD
And I'm wearing just like this
Aww~ It's cute! XD

Oh ya! Forget to mentioned that my buddy JingYan has a gift for me.
I don't know what is this called in English,
but in chinese is called 天珠.
She made it herself while she's working in this shop. Gamdong neh~ XD
Thanks Jing Yan! Lots'of Love for ya~

 4 of us.
3 of them are going to form6. =(
And me? U will know soon..from my facebook I guess? Hee! x)

8th May 2011.
It's mother's day!!
Surpose that I'm staying at home whole day until night,
but since my aunt came back from Singapore with her roommate,
we went to Gurney Plaza for some shopping together.
When we pass by the shop name Kiehl, they gave us free Green Apple cotton candy!!
It's so yummy!! Feel to have 1 now. x)
After that, aunt bought me a new Hello Kitty laptop bag and a Domo hand bag! XD
So happy~! Thanks to my aunt so much!
When we visit Toy's R Us, we found this!
OMG this is damn cute! I want this so badly!!!!!!!
It's cute right?!
I'd forgotten the price in the shop,
but the price from is RM49.90. DX

And these are the hats! So cute~
The prices are also RM49.90.
I'm gonna get it all when I'm rich! XD

After that, we went to Straits Quay at night.
Our purpose is just to take pictures on the nice views.
(Pee/asS: saw my domo bag? if cant see it clearly can continue viewing the pics below. XD)

But after that, brother shout for hungry!
So I decided to go to a very cute restaurant - Charlie Brown Cafe!
It's really cute inside! Snoopy's show and songs. LOL!
And it's colour full! XD
Snoopy is sharing the coffee outside the cafe. XD

I'm stepping in!

The colourful ceiling!

They wanna give me '爱的抱抱'! XD

Actually that day is kinda crowded cause it's mother's day.
Luckily there's still some seats for us. x)

Bro's macaroni. Nice!

My nuggets. It's just okay for me.

And I love this ! Hot Chocolate+Soya. How cute~

I'm waiting the school bus with them, and I grabbed their 1st place! XD

The cute wallpapers outside. XD

I love this! Happy parents' day! ♥
Too bad sis is not here.

With grandma and aunt together. ♥

That's all for my 1st week. #

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