Saturday, 28 May 2011

The 18th Candle Party. (Part I)

Well, actually I'd celebrated my birthday 1 week ago because I'm moving in to kampar before today.
And my mom said that afraid that suddenly need to stay in kampar and can't celebrate with friends.
But now, I'm back to Penang, and going back tomorrow. =.=

Last Saturday, I invited few of my close friend to celebrate with me, but of course not I pay for them! XD
We went to a new japanese restaurant in Straits Quay name OH SUSHI.

Atakai Ocha ; Sideplate ; Chopsticks.

The food was nice.
And I love the design in the restaurant. :D
Well, just let the pictures below to speak. ;D
This is what I eat, Ten zaru soba bento.
(I'd eatten the prawn only remember to take a picture. XD)

These are my presents I get on that day!
Thanks to Cheryl, Winson and Jolyn for the HelloKitty!
And thanks to Alaric and Samantha for the Princess File and High Heel Keychain! ;D
My birthday cake that bought by AhFok, Weline and KarWei!
Thanks guys!
Happy 18th birthday to me! ;D
Everyone. ;)

As usual, they push the candle into the cake and ask me to take it up with my mouth. =.=
But luckily my cake is thin enough that you can see from the picture above.
Thanks to those who bought this cake! XD

Later on, some photo shooting with them.
AhFok , KarWei, Weline, Me.

Crazy two of us.

4 of us again.

The girls. Love this picture much!

Too bad that BoonYan and TKF can't get in time to my party.
But they did come and find us!
And BoonYan with her DSLR.........
BoonYan w/ Me.

Me, JingYan. 

 6 of us, without TKF inside cause she's the photographer.

We actually took a lot of pictures by using her DSLR,
but because the pro photographer is in the picture,
so the effect goes wrongly...I guess? XD
But that time was fun! x)

After that, I went home early cause JingYan is following me and her mom is blowing her to go home. :(
But I did have fun with them!
Thanks you guys for attending my birthday party!
Lots of love~ 
To be continue~
Stay tune! :)

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