Friday, 15 April 2011

Webcammie. ♥

Nowadays feel so 'heng' about the video calls in skype with friends.
Last time I play skype is because of Calling but not Video Calling.
And to prevent someone video called me when I'm with my messy hair and stupid face,
I'd re-installed Manycam, a webcam apps that I used when I played Meetoto last time.
It's really fun cause can add some funny accesories on my faces,
and also can let people see what I'm viewing and what I'm doing on my desktop without letting people see what my face expression is. XD
Well, last night just installed and I'd played on it. x)

Yup, ma fat and stupid face. ==
 Sweat face. =.=|||
I'm so Sorry~ x)
 I l♥ve Hello Kitty!
 No music No life !
Cat with a bow. XD
And the last one. Guess who am I acting? XD

*Those are not drawn by paint, it's drawn from Manycam! x)*

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