Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Those outing days. ♥

Nowadays was addicted to the game The Sims 3,
that's why I've no time to blogging, even Facebooking too. =.=
But perhaps gonna stop it cause I'm boring with it already. LOL!

Now just let me revise my activities after my Genting Trip.
I know...It's been a month ago. LOL

31 March 2011.
Went to Queenbay Skating w/ my 'onion gang'.
[Fok, TKF, Weline, Yie.]
Yes, this is the 'onion gang' (Named by BoonYan.XD)
But our BoonYan is not in this pic. Haiz~

5 April 2011.
Went to 1st avenue's Redbox again,
but this time is w/ Meetoto Old Pals.
[Fish, Yie, Evfoo, DongDong w/ whitewhite] @ Redbox
[Evfoo, Yie, Fish, DongDong, AhYe.]
In Food Gallery (Timesquare)
There's so many food choices in here.
And I remembered that the Banana boat is very cheap!
It looks tasty right??
Although it's abit simple than other restaurant's,
but it's just cost RM2.50!
As I know other restaurant's banana boat is around RM6-8,
maybe is the quality of the ice-cream..
But who cares! I just love to eat cheap things with a great taste! XD

7 April 2011.
Went to Prangin Mall to meet up the 'onion gang' again. XD
But this time, pity Weline still working at there. But we did visit her. X)
Hang around until TKF took her mom's car and we went to Gurney by her car.
As her 1st customer, I feel that she's better than me when I'm 1st time driving. XD
In TKF's car. XD
[Yie, TKF, BoonYan, Fok] @ Gurney.
After that, meet up WenQi @ fourskins.
Took some funny pic. Take a look. XD
After that, Me and WenQi went to watch the movie HOP,
and others went to hang around by themselves.
HOP was nice and cute and funny! XD

11 April 2011.
Went 1st avenue w/ sis.
Shopped for a long time in Cotton On. I love the stuffs inside!!
But since I was saving my money, so I didn't bought a lot in there.
After that, went to bought Chatime.
Everyone said that it's the best Pearl MilkTea ever.
I agree for sure! Still can choose whether you want less ice and less sugar or not.
But they said that Queensbay's Chatime was sucks. =\

13 April 2011.
Went to 1st avenue again, w/ my grandma.
We went to watch The Ghost Must Be Crazy. (鬼也笑)
Seriously, I feel that the previous episode was nicer than this one. (吓到笑)

23 & 24 April 2011.
My 2nd job and my 1st ever promoter job @ Tesco Philips' Booth, w/ XiaoHui.
Promoter girl. =]
The Pass.
Me and XiaoHui.
Actually these pictures was asked to take and send to the agent.
We stood for 12 hours for 2 days. So damn tiring larh.
And the booth was located at a place that less people walk through. Zzz...
But at least got some friends come and visit us, some ppk-ed!! LOL.

25 April 2011.
I thought that this day will be my boring day and sleep day,
but sis suddenly asked to hang out. So happy! XD
Went to 1st avenue 1st since it was the most near to our house,
and sis was addicted to the Chatime. =.=
Yes, 1st vacation is to grab a Chatime!
The Pearl was soooo a lot! I'm full w/ the Pearls after that. =.=
After that, Cotton On again.
Shopped quite long also, but at the end we didn't buy anything.

Later on we went to Master Choo for some eating.
I just had the 2 lil piggy since my tummy was still full of the Pearls. XD


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